Money In The Bank 2015

Published June 16, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

First of all I want to say that I’m mad that both MITB and Raw were held in Columbus and Cleveland, respectively and I couldn’t go. I really wish I would’ve thought it out more and done some reasearch so I could’ve attended, even if it did cost an arm and a leg. As for the PPv itself I really wasn’t impressed by it. It seemed very lack luster. The kickoff was boring but I mean every ppv kickoff is boring. There hasn’t been that many great matches on the kickoff show either. On this kickoff show it was R-Truth vs. Wade Barrett.

I really have no idea what they’re doing with Barrett, even though he’s become King of the Ring. KotR used to be really important, even having it’s own PPV But now it’s just featured on Raw and not as significant. R-Truth hasn’t been that important either. I mean, at least he’s getting some more air time now that he’s semi-feuding with Barrett.I didn’t really pay attention to that match either. It just wasn’t as captivating to me.

The PPV itself started with the actual MITB match, which i think should’ve been held like right before the Ambrose Vs Rollins match. The contestants were ok, I was rooting for Roman mostly but I could’ve definitely seen Randy, or hell even Kofi winning. Kofi doesn’t deserve it now that he’s in the lackluster New Day faction but when you take into account that he’s been in almost every MITB and a large chunk of Royal Rumbles and still ahsn’t won much you can’t helo but to root for the guy. I still think Kofi is a phenomenal athlete even if he doesn’t always get treated like one. But I for sure thought that Roman was going to win. Everyone knows that putting two best friends against each other, especially for something as coveted as the WWE WHC would be amazing. Shawn Micheals and Triple H did it countless numbers of times, among other (the Hardyz, Edge and Christian, etc) But perhaps the WWE Universe as well as Corporate don’t think that Roman was ready yet. Though it also could’ve been cool to have Roman turn heel as well, at some point. I would’ve probably cried if I ever saw Dean and Roman feuding though. It’s all in the business but I have grown so emotionally invested in their bromance that I was severally upset when Dean and Roman would just argue in the ring. Not to mention that I’ve watched my Destruction of the Shield DVD multiple times and still can let myself watch what happened on June 4th, 2014.

What really pissed me off if that Bray Wyatt came out of nowhere and fucked things up for Roman. Creative honestly has no idea what to do with either of the three Wyatt “brothers” and they are just leaving Bray to make really dumb promo and vignette’s calling out people for whatever reason. Even though I really have no idea what Bray is ever talking about in his promos I still know that he’s an amazing talker. He just does it with such conviction that you can’t help but to go…I have no idea what he just said but I like it. And watching the fireflies in the audience is just amazing (i know, i’ve been in oen personally) So talking and promo wise, Roman is no match for him of course. Roman has gotten better but he’s still not there yet, especially not at Wyatt’s level. Also this is almost as random as Wyatt’s feud with Dean. I mean they played off the whole Dean’s crazy, Wyatt is weird, let them fight but it really wasn’t as compelling as it should’ve been. Dean and Bray are two different levels of weird that really didn’t work well. It just seemed all out of place, much like it is for Bray to attack Roman. I would’ve made a hell of a lot more sense to have Dean come in and fuck things up for Roman. The whole thing was just dumb and really didn’t sit well with me. Sheamus ended up taking home the case which I mean, good for him, I guess. He’s got his whole heel thing going on and usually heels are MITB winners but I don’t really see him coming after  Seth. I don’t mind Seth as WHC but a fed with Sheamus seems weird. They’ve barely been on screen together. Needless to say this is all hypothetical since the title can change hands and Sheamus could be coming after whoever takes away the title from Seth. But having Sheamus win was a really good curveball, as much as I hate to say it. Having Roman win would be too predictable but WWE has done predictability before. It’s still up for debate I suppose. Either way there will be a lot of new feuds coming up soon.

Nikki(and Brie) vs Paige was ok. i’m still not a fan of the WWE focusing on 4 divas minimum and they still need to step up their game, especially if they’re wanting all the good talent from NXT to come to the main roster in a couple of years. Nikki and Brie’s acting still sucks but I find myself really rooting for Paige now. i used to find her annoying but she’s actually becoming a breath of fresh air. Needless to say I’m mad that they just pulled another twin magic bullshit. I really could’ve seen Naomi coming for Paige and having the match end in a DQ, but it would give oppurtunity to have the Paige and Naomi feud continue instead of being dropped for whatever reason. The match was longer than msot diva matches, so that was a plus. The girls got to showcase that they do have talent but we’re all tired of seeing Nikki as champ. I’m tired of seeing Paige as champ and she hasn’t held it nearly as long as Nikki or AJ. I really want Naomi to win or even build up someone else to win. The give Diva’s a chance movement is improving but not as much as it needs too…yet.

Big Show Vs Ryback.

Big show is another person Creative doesn’t really know what to do with. Ryback is getting at the top of his game. He’s IC champ, got a good fan following, has chants, skills, he’s pretty decent on the mic too. I actually think that I’d like to see him and Lesnar go at it for the WHC. Sure, Ryback my not exactly be ready for that yet, but I think the reason they have him feuding with Big Show is because they don’t really have anyone else for him to feud with. There aren’t many big wrestler’s that could be a nice match for Ryback (this is purely going on size, which is what they seem to be doing with this Big Show thing). Hell a feud between Ryback and Roman would be more interesting if Roman had a bit more expanse to his move set. The match with Big Show and Ryback itself was ok. They also have that weird thing with the Miz going on too. Trying to make the Miz finally important…maybe??? The Miz caused the match to end in a DQ and let the Big Show win. It was pretty anticlimatic but Ryback could’ve done something really cool with his strength against big show, like he showed when he Shell Shocked him.

Owens and Cena. Owens is pretty much breathing new life into Cena. I really really really love Owens. I think he’s awesome, strong, has great skills, and a beautiful finish. he’s a tad boring on the mic but better than most people that’s for sure. it’s also fun to have someone make fun of Cena. Cena even got upset an argued with the ref about a 2-count. it isn’t usually like Cena to do such things but all this negativity from Owens could possible be spawning another heel character for Cena (if the WWE will take the plunge and break the hearts of millions of children around the world) I’m all for another Heel Cena just as long as they don’t bring back his “thuganomic days”. Ughh. I think I pretty much will like anything Owens does and this match was pretty awesome to watch. Each of them had their moment’s of close call victory but Cena won this match will help continue their back and forth streaks. Not to mention we were all impressed when Owens mockingly did the Five Knuckle Shuffle. It was a big FU (or AA for those PG era people out there) to Cena. Cena did turn to his usual babyface ways when he offered his respect to Owens after the bout and Owens pretty much just pop up powerbombed him and ran out of there.

Prime Time Players vs New Day wasn’t anything too special. the titles changed hands and honeslty I’m just waiting for the Usos to come back.

Rollins Vs Ambrose was beautiful. I personally loved when Dean tossed Seth into the ladder and it broke in half. that honeslty must’ve hurt so much. I really want to see these two in a Hell in a Cell match. i want to see them bleed and I want to see them tear each other apart. I want it to be gritty and dirty and the matches have so far not given me that. Of course, they’ve been great and had some moments where you were just like “Holy Hell, did that just happen.” But I want them to just go act it with ever weapon available. This has been done in the PG Era before most notably with the Shield vs Evolution matches. So a good all over the place match can happen. I was hoping that Dean would win though and it was a really close call. Both men landed on the mat at the same time but the title was in Seth’s hands so he was deemed the winner. Now Seth has to face Lesnar again which most people are happy about. I mean they might just be happy to be seeing Lesnar again. I honestly can’t stand lesnar at all and feel he’s a giant cop-out like when the Rock was champ. I think if you’re going to be on the roster, be on the fucking roster and fight more than once a year. I mean Fandango is getting more screen time than Lesnar. If Lesnar is going to take fucking vacations all the time then he shouldn’t be here. But maybe this thing with Seth will be his chance to be more involved. Either way the disrespectful thumb-thumb has got a job now.


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