The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 1]

Published June 16, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

I decided to start watching a new Let’s Play. I’m actually not a real big fan of zombies-I actually have a fear of them. Out of all “horror” things zombies seem to be the most realistic thing that could happen and the number of people on this world that can become infected is too big. I literally have nightmares about trying to survive in the zombie apocalypse so it’s not my favorite thing in the world but I still watch things related to zombies (though it’s really bad for me). I seem to be ok when zombie games are more story based. Zombie movies seem to be more about action and seeing the actual zombies so I don’t like them. I did manage to get through The Walking Dead Video Game Season 1 and 2 without a problem and I thought they were really really good. I’ve heard great things about The Last of Us so I wanted to check it out and honestly I want to get to that DLC episode as fast as I can.

For this Let’s Play I’m watching TheRadBrad play. I like my Let’s Players to be more on the quiet side and not so much annoying and in your face and TheRadBrad seemed ok.

We’re starting with episode 1 (out of 55, for his game play through) and we see a daughter sleeping on the couch. Her dad comes home from a long day at work, all frustrated. Apparently it’s also his birthday. She gives him a watch since he’s been complaining about his broken watch. She seems to have a southern accent as well. This happens on The Walking Dead too, we start in the Southern States area. Now I’m kind of glad I live up North. Sheez. Southern Zombies.

Favorite quote so far:

“Where did you get the money for this?

Drugs. I see hardcore drugs.

Well good you can start helping with the mortgage then.”

I loved it!

Also the animation is just really nice. It has a nice balance of realism and that game quality to it. You can tell it’s animated of course but you can also see the characters as people. They aren’t blocky at all, nor do they have the comic book drawn style like in The Walking Dead Video Game or The Wolf Among Us. But anyway, eventually the father puts his daughter to sleep and she wakes up the next day to a phone call from her frantic Uncle Tommy. He really needs to talk to her father but the phone call cuts off before he can say anything else. I imagine we’re going to jump into the whole zombie thing right now, again similarly to the Walking Dead. It always seems to be a wow this night is so great- wake up the next day ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE kind of theme going on in these types of games. We aren’t sure where the father is either. Here starts the gameplay where you can move around as the girl. it’s actually still dark out so I can only assume her Uncle woke her up in the middle of the night, ball park around 3 am. The girl picks up a newspaper located in the bathroom that has headlines about an increase in hospital admittance due to a “mysterious infection”, the FDA is blaming contaminated crops and a “crazed woman” kills her husband and 3 others. There also news reports on her father’s TV about the infected people. An explosion happens not too far from where the girl and her father lives and it is recorded on the live news report. There’s still no sign of the father.

She goes downstairs to search for her father and there are police cars driving down the street. The sirens can be heard. Good call though, her father’s cell phone rings and the time says 2:15 am so I was close. The dad has 8 missed calls and a text message from Tommy who is still desperately asking for contact with his brother (I can only assume the father is Tommy’s brother) Finally the little girl (who’s name we figure out is Sarah) finds her father coming into his office from a sliding door. He seems frantic. He gets a gun from his desk which I mean, every southern father has so at least he’s prepared to shoot some fucking zombies. Their next door neighbors are infected and will probably be coming at the doors sometime soon. Which sucks because they have a bunch of fancy sliding doors around the house. Some zombie named Jimmy slams his bloody body through the glass door and the father has to shoot him. Typical zombie stuff. Obviously Sarah is scared out of her mind because she just saw her father shoot someone. Tommy arrives at the front of the house with his car so at least theres some more support now.

Tommy and the Father of course want to get away from the city since it’s already been infected. There’s no cellphone or radio anymore and we can see other families trying to pack up and escape. The army has set up road blocks but our little family is headed up 71 to try and get away from Travis County since no one can get in. Ambulances are still patrolling the areas and responding. There’s a lot of talking and story line so luckily The RadBrad stays quiet! The East and West Coast has also been infected according to Tommy. They believe that only people in the city have been infected but obviously that’s not the case. There’s a family on the road with a child but the Father urges Tommy to keep driving and they ignore the family. Our family runs into traffic and all of a sudden there’s a zombie attack. Several patients from the hospital right across from them come out an attack a man and his family in his car.

Our family pulls out and turns away only to see a bunch of people running away from something. The family tries to maneuver around these running people (and I think they actually run someone over) before they get hit by a car. The screen goes dark.

Sarah wakes up first and people are still going crazy. The car is flipped over. We switch to gameplay as the dad now. A zombie attacks the father and Tommy beats the shit out of him. I freaked the fuck out! Whooo! That one caught me off guard!

Sarah’s leg is hurt but it looks like more zombies are coming and they need to run. Not good for Sarah but at least she’s small so her dad and Uncle can carry her. This is too much like Lee and Clementine. Oh god. We are actually playing as the family running and seeing people panic in the street. This is honestly so brutally scary. I would freak out, i mean I am freaking out. I’m literally so scared for this video game family. It’s just so brutally realistic. People are getting attacked and things are exploding everywhere. Cars are crashing. Things are on fire. Literally so many explosions!! Our family gets to an alley and they get attacked. Tommy kills him quickly but these zombies are freakin’ hoping fences and shit!!!

They run into this bar and Uncle Tommy is holding the door blocking some incoming zombies. He tells his brother to leave and i’m literally screaming NO UNCLE TOMMY. WE CAN’T LEAVE UNCLE TOMMY. I can’t even handle the first separation right now. I really can’t. This is so overwhelming. I don’t want Uncle Tommy to die. It looks like the Dad and Sarah are trying to get to the highway. They tell Tommy to meet them at the highway. The dad’s running with Sarah and BAM!! He get’s bitten. The fucking dad is toast. I CANNOT HANDLE ANOTHER LITTLE GIRL TRYING TO SURVIVE ON HER OWN I JUST CAN’T. My cat is looking at me weird because I’m freaking out. This is just too much and I’m only 15 minutes into the game.

Oh, so apparantly you’re supposed to out run the zombie and not get bit, Brad just mad a mistake. THANK GOD. I wasn’t prepared for this. So anyway, random stranger kindly shoots the zombies chasing Dad and Sarah. It seems like an army guy and i think he gets order to shoot them. The dad gets shot and then FUCKING UNCLE TOMMY SHOOTS THE ARMY GUY BEFORE HE CAN GET DAD BUT IT’S TOO LATE AND SARAH HAS BEEN SHOT. DEAR GOD. I AM ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT. I CANT TAKE THIS DRAMA.

I hope she sur-nope….she’s gone…oh shit. Here come the tears.

The intro is over and the intro to the game, with the credits and all, begins. There’s a bunch of news reports and something about Fireflies as an organization. The time is now Summer and the Dad wakes up. IT SAYS 20 YEARS LATER WTF. LIKE I’VE NEVER SEEN A ZOMBIE GAME THAT SKIPS AHEAD SO FAR. How the hell has he survived 20 years??? This dude is so badass. 20 fuckin’ years man. he’s like old and gray now, haha. There’s a lady now and they’re in an apartment building?? Lady’s name is Tess. I sense something going on between them. She sold drugs for ration cards??? So i’m assuming that there has been some amount of order restored because there are now ration cards. There’s some beef with a guy named Robert though. Interesting. So gray Dad and Tess are looking to kick Robert’s ass. The scenery still looks decrepit and there’s a curfew in place. Army still seems to be in place and people need to carry ID’s and stuff. I think the city that they’re in is blocked off so less people are infected but there are still some that are getting out. Tess and Gray dad need to pass through checkpoints set up by these military people. I don’t think games like these are really giving us a reason to like authorities, they always seem like dicks. They need to go through checkpoints to visit people. This is a weird system that’s been set up. Another fucking explosion geez.

But that’s where this episode ends. It definitely opened with a bang and i can’t wait to figure out what else is happening and how the city is set up with all these rules and regulations. it’s different to see a video game present a zombie apocalypse like 20 years later when most of them happen in the now. Like they are surviving day by day but these people have a somewhat economical structure and a military structure. It’s interesting and I can’t wait to see where this goes!


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