The Last of Us Let’s Play [part 2]

Published June 16, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

So we start again with the car or whatever exploding. I think the dad’s name is joel. Tess and Joel run back into an apartment building, probably the same one they started in. Tess complains about how they’re going to close all the checkpoint now (we don’t know how many there are but maybe we’ll find out soon enough). tess wants to go “outside the wall” in order to get to Robert. Also if I see one more fucking commercial for Ted 2, the dumb movie with the fucking teddy bear, I’m going to explode. Tess and Joel meet a guy that reports that a certain tunnel is clear of any patrolling. Whatever that means. There’s a lady name Marlene that’s involved with the “Fireflies”. WHO THE HECK ARE THE FIREFLIESSSSSSS??? We heard about them briefly in the credit intro but like I’m not sure what the heck is going on with them. The tunnel is blocked off by a crappy bookcase which Tess and Joel move out the way and jump down into the tunnel. Theres a small generator and they have gear in this tunnel. I guess you would need gear to go out into a zombie infected world. Be prepared guys.

Tess and Joel climb up and over, then exit out to a restaurant. So i assume they just by passed the checkpoint and are in a different part of the city now. Good news, I’ve not got Adblocker for Youtube so no more stupid Ted 2 commercials. There are a lot of holes in the restaurant so you can go in and out of places. First objective is to find a missing ladder which allows them to climb…well somewhere! Probably to get to Robert. The ladder lead to another decrepit apartment with more holes and such. These apartments don’t seem so bad even if they are crappy and worn. There are still some doors that you can barricade if need be. I think Joel and Tess already have their own little place set up but I’m assuming they’re going to be moving away from there sometime soon. Robert has their guns also. They also have shipments or pills and ammo coming in as well. So there’s a good system going on. There are also “spores” in some of the old building so Tess and Joel have to wear gas masks to walk through. It seems as if a zombie body gets killed and proceeds to rot is affects the surrounding area? Still not sure about that. But I think that’s how it goes. Tess and Joel run into a guy whose masks brakes and Joel has to kill him in order to move on in the game. So contaminated air is a thing. It could be the cause of the zombies which would be rather interesting and new too. There are some infected people in the apartment they’re exploring now and they still eat people like normal zombies. So maybe the cause is just different but the symptoms are the same. You can attack manually as well as shoot.

Joel finds a letter from some guy named Mark and there’s more talk about the spores. This is a really weird way to start a zombie apocalypse just saying. Like how do weird plants an apocalypse, this isn’t the Happening people. There are people trying to live “on the inside” i guess in order to escape what’s going on, on the outside?

This episode was really quick and left me with more questions then answers so we’ll have to see what’s going on in the next part.


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