The Last of Us Let’s Play [part 3]

Published June 17, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Alright part 3.

In another building now, still exploring. not much is happening so far. The most interesting part of the game (so far) happened within the first 15 minutes and the last 30 or so have been a little boring, minus a few confusing bits of information that we found out. They need a plank to get across a large gap because a floor has collapsed in the middle. Soldiers still patrol certain areas and things like that. I’m not exactly sure where Tess and Joel are actually headed to. They’re just travelling through a bunch of buildings. They’ve gotten to a metal door where a young kid opens the door. They wait until the kid scopes out the place then proceed into a place that’s sort of like…a druggie den? There are people there and a druggie immediately asks Tess for some pills. They probably trade ration cards for the pills. I mean that’s smart on their part but dumb on the druggie’s part. You’re giving up food for pills. that’s horrible!

I think they’ve gotten to a little “shopping” district full of like really angry thugs guarding their wares. There’s also a random little fight club (but we can’t really talk about that. First rule and all) People seem to really Respect Tess around this little district but again still not sure what’s going on. Ration cards are like money here and you can trade them for wares and information as Tess does to find where Robert is now. T & J run into some more thugs that are itchin’ for a fight. So shit’s bout to pop off! Tess is a badass though. She’s just shot this guy that disrespected her. SHE IS NO JOKE. REPEAT DO NOT FUCK WITH TESS MAN.

So now she started a gun fight. I mean not that smart but she’s still a boss. They easily kill the guys and they can steal ammo for dead bodies. There’s a little cut scene and more of Robert’s guys are there. They’re aware of T & J’s presence and the fact that they just killed two of their men. So more shit is about to go down. I hope the action picks up soon. Tess literally snuck up on a guy and stabbed him in the throat. She’s my fave so far. You can also just strangle people.

We learned that some fireflies where executed on a street. So fireflies are a group of people that have a goal but i’m not sure what it is yet. Joel gets a key after strangling a thug and as well as some health stuff. There is a lot of detail even in the damn trashcans. It’s honestly so freakin’ beautiful. We get a tip that you can run our of ammo (or at least get real low on ammo) and you have to look for other ways to survive. So there might be other melee weapons and things you can do besides sneaking up on people and strangling them. There was a nice little firefight but not that much ammo on them. Joel(Brad technically) will be running out of ammo soon and he really has to heal too. Good news is that he found a freakin’ shiv so you can basically go all prison fight on this guys. That’s so cool. You just sneak up on people and stab them right in the freaking neck. So mostly this game is a FPS but there are other ways to attack and you can explore and do other things I suppose. Let’s see where episode 4 takes us.


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