The Last of Us Let’s Play [part 4]

Published June 17, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Everytime he begins a new episode it doesn’t always exactly start right where it left off so it’s a bit confusing. T&J i guess looked around for a bit after killing all of Robert’s guys and have ended up at a metal door which needs to be opened by pulling on a chain. This episode is also entitled “The fireflies” so we might get to learn some more about them. So now we finally see Robert and T&J have to get to him. You can actually choose which way you want to attack whether it be stealth or with ammo. Stealth is obviously good for when you’re low on ammo as mentioned before. I find it so cool that you can just kill people but you dont have to. But I suppose strangling someone would be killing them? I guess is depends. You might just be making them pass out. You can also throw things to alert people and get them to where you need to go. Like if an enemy is too far away but you want to sneak up on them you can throw a surrounding object or something you’ve picked up to get their attention to a certain spot. Then you can sneak up on them and dispose of them however you want.

So now they’ve finally gotten to a room where Robert is at and a chase insues. Joel chases Robert through the little abandoned warehouse place and then it jumps to a cut scene. robert gets corned by a gate he can’t open and when he tries to run away Tess whacks him in the shin with a pipe that was laying on the far. She’s perfection. He apparently took some guns from T&J and now they’re about to torture him. Turns out Robert sold the guns and hot damn is Tess mad!!!

Robert would tell Tess who he sold the guns to so Joel just snapped the shit out of his arm!! Which I don’t think is going to fare too well in a crumbling society. Might be too low on meds and hospital. Sucks for you Robert. He owed the Fireflies or something. Who the hell are the damn Fireflies?!!

Tess shoots Robert in the head and I guess T &J have to find a firefly. A girl shows up adn says she’s a Firefly. In order to get their guns back from the Fireflies, she wants T&J to smuggle something out of the city. Military has been killing all the Fireflies and stuff. The lady says she promises to show T&J where the guns are at and so they have to follow her but military are hot on their trail.

Another explosion. Big surprise.

Somebody has been trying to leave the city and the Lady says that  the Fireflies were their scapegoat. The lady seems to actually know T&J, so they might have had some connection beforehand. They need to get to a door but theres someone guarding it. They move up but run into more people that have to defend themselves against. I’m kind of annoyed with how much shooting there is since I’m not a fan of FPS but it seems like every game now is an FPS so i have to get used to it. I just find the action a little bit stale since it’s the same things over and over again. T&J pretty much have to take out a handful of guys and it lasts a few minutes. They’re still exploring and went in a weird circle around to where the door was. The next episode however is entitled Ellie and I know Ellie is a really big character and she’s really good so I’m excited to meet her!

Overall this episode was a little dull save for that bit with Robert. We learned a bit more about the Fireflies but really not that much. Still have a lot to figure out within 51 more episode haha.


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