The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 5]

Published June 17, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

So we start off at the door and head on right in. We block it with an old locker. the Firefly lady’s name is Marlene. She’s still leading T&J towards where the hidden guns are. Uh-oh, curfew is now in effect so we have to be extra careful now. So Now we meet Ellie!!! She’s a spicy little bean burrito. First words we hear from her are “Get the fuck away from her!” and she attacks Tess with a knife. I like her. She’s got some ovarian fortitude to attack Tess. The thing they’re smuggling is Ellie, to another group of Fireflies. It’s what T&J have to do in order to get their guns back. Marlene says she can’t go though. Ohh!! Marlene says she was close with Tommy!! I wonder if Tommy is still alive. Did he survive? Did he become a Firefly? Still don’t know what a Firefly is exactly.

Ohhhh he was a Firefly. But they’re speaking in past tense so  he might be dead already. Ellie really doesn’t want to leave Marlene but Marlene and Tess are going back to the camp to verify that Marlene and the other Fireflies have the guns.

Ellie has joined Joel and they are headed towards the tunnel, the same tunnel he and Tess went through to get to their part of town. Now they really have to sneak around because if they get caught being out past curfew they can die. This episode is actually really short too. I wish Brad would make these a little longer. But at least I can make quick posts about my opinions about the series and stuff so it’s not that bad. Brad is just heading towards the tunnel for the most part so there isn’t really anything interesting going on. He most a dumpster to an area so he and Ellie can climb up. But he can’t really climb up there even with the dumpster. It’s a bit strange since Joel could easily make himself climb up. It was really strange but it worked after a little bit. Might have just been a weird gameplay bug or something.

Ellie considers Marlene a friend. She must trust Marlene a lot if she didn’t want to separate from her and attacked Tess in order to protect Marlene. Marlene is the leader of the Fireflies and knew Ellie’s mom. Ellie, we find out is 14. Ellie doesn’t know where her parents are. There might still even be school in this world. Joel says that “instead of staying in school Ellie decided to join the Fireflies.” So again we get a little bit more insight into what this dystopia is like. it sucks that even in a zombie invested world you still have to go to fuckin’ school. Hell I’d join the Fireflies too if it meant I didn’t have to go to school. Unless school was teaching you how to survive in this world it seems pretty much useless. I doubt anyone has time to read books, although I’d try and raid a Barnes and Noble.

I feel like Joel is going to start to care about Ellie a great deal. Like his daughter was at least around the same age. he’s got to care about Ellie. This is literally like Lee and Clem all over again. Ellie’s animation is gorgeous though. She looks like a worn out 14 year old and it’s just great. I think she’s awesome. The apartment that Joel stays at is close to the outside. Still not sure what “the outside” is like exactly but I have a feeling they will have to go out there soon. Something might go wrong with Marlene and Tess and then Joel and Ellie will have to escape. Nope nevermind. Tess came back. They have to smuggle Ellie out now that everything is clear. Marlene wanted to smuggle Ellie out originally but because they lost a lot of men she had to rely on T&J.

Joel starts a generator to a small lift and they go down. Ellie is really important for whatever reason. They get to the tunnel and the episode ends here. The endings are really abrupt so I feel like I’m almost forced to end these posts quickly! Onto part 6. I really should head to be soon since I have to work tomorrow but I also want to keep watching. I want to find out more about Ellie!


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