Steam Monster Summer Sale

Published June 18, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

well it’s time to empty our wallets and cry because our computers will be running slow. I caught Steam on a good day which means it’s bad for me since I just shelled out around $12 bucks on games. Honestly this isn’t that bad and I could’ve done much worse

The three games I got was Bioshock, DreadOut, and Gone Home.

Bioshock was around $6.70, Dreadout was $3.50 ish and Gone Home was $2.70?? Something like that. I got Bioshock because I had been watching a let’s play on it because it’s my sisters favorite game. I was prepping my to make her some Bioshock inspired Birthday gifts which are almost done I’m just too lazy to finish them and I finally got it today. I’m not a fan of FPS but I did really like the storyline and the atmosphere.

Dreadout I got mostly for my friend Dalton, who loves Survival horror with useless female characters. She’s got a cell phone that lights her way so I’m excited to be scared shitless and play with him.

Gone Home was purchased because i had just recently watched and made a blog post about the Top 10 LGBT Characters in Video Games. Gone Home was on there and It was cheap so I thought I’d play it. Why not. If i had more money i’d probably buy The Wolf Among Us and the Walking Dead, as well as the Game of Thrones game. They’re all around $13 each though. I would also buy Bioshock Infinite it’s half off as well. But i think for my first Steam Sale I did ok and controlled myself! I cant wait to play these.


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