The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 6]

Published June 18, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

There’s a patrol ahead of Joel and Ellie so they have to wait for a bit before coming out from the tunnel. They get out of the tunnel and Ellie is surprised that she’s outside the little city area.  The trio goes up a truck when suddenly Joel is struck by some military person! There are two of them, a lady and a man. While the male officer is scanning the trio, i guess getting their ID’s Ellie yells “Sorry!” and then stabs the freakin’ guy in the leg! What the hell Ellie??? Joel tackles the guy to the ground while Tess shoots the female officer in the head. Joel shoots the male officer with his own gun. Ellie didn’t expect the people to die. She thought they were going to “hold them up or something.”

Tess checks the scanner and apparently it is not to check their ID’s, its to see if they are infected or not. We find out that Ellie is actually infected and Joel thinks that Marlene set them up. Ellie claims her bite is 3 weeks old and that she’s not infected. Tess can’t believe it because most people turn after 2 days. So Ellie is a pretty special snowflake right about now. Joel doesn’t believe it but the backup the officers called in has arrived so they have to move quickly. Ellie doesn’t have time to explain anymore as they’re running for their lives now. There are lights scanning the area looking for them. More officers have surrounded the place. It’s hard for Joel to pass by some guards that are scanning the place. He looks to sneak up on one of the guards to attack, all while staying out of their flashlight range.

The trio get past the soldiers and travel farther ahead. The soldiers thinks that Fireflies have killed their people. There are some abandoned buildings up ahead but that isn’t anything new. The whole scenery is abandoned and crumbling buildings. They get to a gate which Joel hauls up just enough for them to get through. More soldiers have shown up and surrounded the areas making everyone frantic and more scared. Joel throws a brick but it doesn’t seem to make the guard leave in a different direction so he sneaks up on one guard and strangles him. Another one sees him and begins to shoot. So the plan didn’t really work out so well. And there’s probably going to be more shooting but Joel doesn’t have that much ammo left. This is going to be a toughie. A few of the guards surround Joel’s immediate area and he decides t just run instead of fighting them which I think is for the best. The solider’s have some sort of armor on or something so it makes them hard to kill.

At this point Brad has run out of any weapons. He has nothing and is basically screwed. Their best bet is to continue running away from them But it’s getting really hard. Joel manages to Strangle a soldier and i think he actually had a shiv left So they got past that anxiety ridden part. They crawled into an abandoned building away from the ran. It might be another warehouse, it’s hard to tell in the darkness.

More soldiers. These guys seriously don’t give up!! it’s like every zombie game and movie is teaching you not to trust the military at all when an apocalypse happens. There’s more exploring through crumbling tunnels and buildings. Joel searches for anything they can use in the building that they’re in. He gets some ammo and now has 1 shiv and 2 bullets or 2 clips? Not sure how it’s measured. i think it’s clips though.

They go through a tunnel/pipe and there’s like a car of soldiers up over them. The trio are still trying to escape fro them and this is where the episode ends. So they’re almost out of the city and things are going fairly smoothly. I’m waiting for something to fuck up and the first person to die. I’m betting on Tess. I just feel like something is going to happen to her soon. Especially since the only other major character we’ve been introduced to is Marlene. And we all know Ellie survives to the end.


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