Two of My Favorite Things

Published June 18, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Recently WatchMojo did it’s Top 10 LGBT Characters in video games which for me is honestly the best video they’ve ever made. Queer stuff and video games are two of my favorite things and I love finding video game characters that are like me. Now I didn’t know that many characters on the list, more so the franchises just by name and stuff but my favorite character got #2!!

The small problem is the WatchMojo doesn’t really say everything correctly but they mean well.

10. Erica from Catherine (Trans*)

In the true ending of Catherine we found out that Erica was determined male at birth and transitioned (seemingly having bottom surgery) since she took Tobey’s virginity. The bad thing is that Catherine’s Nightmare world still affects her since she was still “born a man” and cheats on Tobey. So they almost validated her gender….almost.

9. Gay Tony From Grand Theft Auto IV: Ballad of Gay Tony (Gay)

Since I don’t really play GTA and only have watched other people play it I can’t really speak about this character much. But Gay Tony seems cool because he’s still like an everyday mafiaoso type guy who has a boyfriend.

8. Steve Cortez from Mass Effect 3 (Gay)

Honeslty I really want to play Mass Effect because of this I’m not even going to lie, even if it is sci fi and a shooter game (which are things i’m not really into) but I would love to see how the relationships with the characters develop.

7. Poison -Final Fight and Street Fighter (Trans*)

i haven’t seen this character a lot and i really like the street fighter games. Fighting games are one of my fave genres and I would love to cosplay as poison one day. But the reason I don’t know much about her is probably because of North America’s censorship and instead of just leaving Poison in as a girl character, since there was just a bit of speculation about her gender identity she was completely replaced with a male character. Street Fighter IV‍ ’​s producer Yoshinori Ono, when asked in an interview about the matter, stated “Let’s set the record straight: In North America, Poison is officially a post-op trans woman. But in Japan, she simply tucks her business away to look female.”[ Wiki]

6. Dorian from Dragon Age Inquistion (Gay)

Medieval gays. Nuff said. They also talk about Krem a trans* solider who really reminds me of Briane of Tarth from GoT.  He should’ve taken the spot or at least shared it with Dorian.

5. Birdo from Super Mario Bros (Trans* Dinosaur)

Birdo was apparently originally stated to be a male who dressed like a girl. So Birdo is trans* but of course Birdo is chalked up to being just a girl due to censorship. In a way this is way better than the Final Fight situation as Birdo can be who she wants to be without some drastic as completely changing the character to a male. So we can have trans* dinosaurs but not trans* women. I say let Birdo and Yoshi be free in their trans* egg laying world.

4.Juhani from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (lesbian)

Lesbian aliens<3333

3. Samantha from Gone Home (lesbian)

I’ve actually never heard of this game and I think it sounds really interesting. It’s now on my list of games to play/watch. And it was only $2.40 on Steam so i purchased it:P

2.Kanji Tatsumi from Person 4 (Pansexual)

MY BABY!! Kanji is literally my favorite character. I love him so much. He’s seen as a juvenile delinquent but since his mom owns a textile shop he sews and like to make little keychains and plushies. He’s struggled with his sexuality because he wasn’t “manly” enough. Not to mention he has a crush on Naoto who stuggles with her own gender identity. This is why I say Kanji is pansexual, because his shadow self continues to say I dont care who accepts me as long as I’m accepted. Kanji just wants to be loved for who he is and not be bullied for what he likes to do or who he falls in love with. He’s a precious precious angel.

1. Ellie From the Last of Us (lesbian???)

Tbh Ellie is the reason I started watching the Last of Us. Shes adorable and I already love her. I can’t wait to get to the DLC to actually see her relationship blossom.


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