The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 7]

Published June 19, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Where we last left off our trio was headed through a gated pipe away from the soldiers that were following them, still hot on their trail after finding the 2 dead soldiers. I think they might have passed through a giant sewer of some kind. Tess asks Ellie what’s the plan now that they have found out she’s infected. The Firefly groups they’re supposed to deliver Ellie to has their own quarantine zone, for the infected I guess.Doctors are still trying to find a “cure”. Marlene believes that because Ellie has survives the bite? infection? for over three weeks now that she’s the key to finding the cure, which is why Ellie is so important

Joel thinks it’s a load of bull and still doesn’t belive Ellie. Tess believes her though. She wants to take a chance on Ellie. Most of this game is like slight open world exploring and just getting to places. The trip hears something weird, something almost like a growl or a scream or something. It wasn’t really clear. A lot of the cars are all rusty and decrepit and they’re all over the streets. They get close to the capitol building downtown but there a huge drop where I suppose a bridge or something fell through. SO there’s a gape and they can’t get from one side to another. They have to find a way around to get to the capitol building.

Joel find a building (another surprise!) that they go into. There is just so much exploring to do in this game, it’s almost like bioshock but bioshock had a lot more action ebcause of the spilcers that you would have to fight. it was more fast past then this game. I’m still waiting for more things to happen. There are a few dead bodies laying around which could mean the area is infected. Still not sure how it spreads. Apparently you can last years with the infection and it just corrodes your body. Joel moves a body that he calls a “clicker” which Tess then makes the comment about the “years of infection” so they are surviving somewhat, whatever these infected people are. It looked like some damn fungus grew out of him too. Clickers are blind because of the i guess the disfigurement caused by the infection. They see using sound. They’re called Clickers because they make some kind of Clicking noise when they’re hunting.

The Clickers remind me of the monster guys that were in the movie The Descent. The building that they’re in is literally falling apart, I know I saw that about every building but this one is literally on the verge of collapsing at any moment. Joel and Tess find a door that takes a bit of force to get open and when they do a freakin’ clicker attacks Joel. This scared the hell out of me!! I wasn’t expecting that at all. The game is definitely playing off the whole it’s quiet for the most part thing so when something big happens it scares the shit out of you.

I mean look at their faces. It’s so weird and creepy. It’s like a tree/fungus/weird bark looking….thingy. It’s weird. It’s gross.  But this might be because of the “spores” so maybe it’s a combination of plant poison and typical zombie symptoms. It’s so weird. I want to find out more but I don’t want to read the wiki page and spoil myself!!

ANyway Tess shoots the clicker in the face and everything seems to be all fine and dandy now for the most part. Joel made a health kit out of a rag and alcohol. I guess you have to take what you can get during the apocalypse. Ohhh painkillers, not sure if that helps healing or just slows down like bleeding if you’re hurt or something like that. More creepy sounds which only adds to the vibe. The building that they were in seemed to be a big office building. There are lots of rolling chairs, cubicles and even a lobby area. MORE CLICKERS. They make weird…well clicking noises, I’m trying to think of something to compare it to but nothing is really coming to mind right now. It’s like a weird insect almost. and i fucking hate insects. But also like a monkey sound too? I have no idea, they’re really weird. I guess they don’t smell very well either. I don’t think they have their nose anymore since the fungus-y stuff covers their entire face.

The trip gets on this rickety window washing scaffold thing and it is just terrifying. I’m waiting for this shit to just fall but they made it to the outside for a bit because the stair way was blocked off. They didn’t fall so that’s good. Joel got a new gun- a revolver and Brad might be able to pick up more ammo now, if there’s different types and stuff. We can hear another clicker near by but we can’t really see it since it’s so damn dark. The clickers make such  gross sounds I really hate it. They creep me out. I hope there’s not anything worse in here but I have a feeling that I’m going to be dead wrong.


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