Columbus Pride 2015

Published June 22, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

For the past 3 or so years I’ve been trying to hit up all my local Pride Parades/Festivals to help celebrate who the hell I am and being proud of it. While Pride gets flooded with stuff about the gays and mostly focusing on them, it has expanded a bit and now they frequently talk about a few of the other letters in the acronym. Obviously they don’t talk about all of them because it would go on forever, and my group gets ignored a lot. I still am an ally to everyone else in the community and i hope to educate everyone on whatever label in the GSM (Gender and Sexual Minority, easier to say than LGBTQIA++)community. Like my side bar says I am Gray Romantic, Gray Asexual, Agender. But for the most part I just say Queer because it’s incredibly more easy and people seem to get it right away.

Anyway, me and a follow intern, Zac drove up to Columbus which is about 2 hours away from where we live. I was staying with my ex-girlfriend in her apartment and it’s not as bad as it sounds. What gives me more anxiety and makes me more uncomfortable is talking and interacting with her friends. I don’t like meeting new people in like a group. So if it’s more than 1 or 2 new people I start to freak out. I don’t like it. I got to meet more people than i wanted to and I still felt ignored and left out. I hate that. I try my best to talk as much as my anxiety will allow me but it’s also a two way street and they could put more effort into it too. But I digress. other than being super fucking tired Friday and Saturday I had a good time.

Thursday night we drove up and Friday while everyone was at work I laid on the couch all day and tried to catch up on Steven Universe since everyone wanted to watch the new episode that weekend. I was successful. Later on the night, me and the ex went to Axis Nightclub, which is one of the biggest nightclubs in Columbus. Originally I wasn’t planning to go on Friday, on Saturday but Zac told me that Adoren Delano was preforming so I had to freakin’ go.

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My makeup for the night was a soft neutral smokey. Didn’t really bring a lot of makeup with me bbecausen otherwise I would bring like a giant box full and that was unnecessary. My outfit was a crop top with a Ouija board design and some leggings with a cross pattern on it.


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I hashtagged it as #thickthighs and some dickhead from like a middle eastern country said “too big”. Like stfu, no one needs an opinion from your ugly crusty looking ass anyway. With your 7 fucking posts on instagram, get out of here. There’s no need to be sending people body negativity. I don’t love my thighs, I’m at peace with them so I don’t mind them anymore. ANYWAY, negativity aside I stood up way too much at the club and my feet were killing me. The flyers and website said that the doors opened at 6 pm but since gays run so behind on time ASh and I decided to go around 9pm. We got there a little early but the show didn’t even start until like 9:30. There was a band preforming, then an Underwear Fashion Show and Adore didn’t go on until like 11:30. I was so tired especially since I worked from 9-5 that day then had to book it home and immediately get my shit ready. Adore was fun, she’s really entertaining to watch like bounce around the stage but i really didn’t like her singing at all. It doesn’t sound that great live. Still love her and like to watch her but not hear her exactly. I thought her set was really short too. I wish she would’ve sung more songs but she did play my favorite, “I Adore You.” So I gagged.

The video quality is bad of course and the sound isn’t great but you can kind of here some of the words of “I Adore You.”

#iadoreyou #adoredelano @adoredelano

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Saturday was the actual parade. it rained all day and didn’t stop until like 2 or 3 pm. So we and a bunch of other people stood out in the rain to watch the parade and get free shit. I had my umbrella but my shoes goes soaked and I kept dropping my phone into puddles. Luckily it was still ok and didn’t get messed up. I got a ton of plastic bracelets and candy and dumb shit I didn’t need. After the parade was over we decided to head back home to put some dry clothes on and eat at Chipotle. I don’t really like Chipotle but we got some BOGO coupons at the parade so that’s where we decided to go.  By the time we got back to the actual festival it had closed at 2 and there was no signs or anything on the website that said so. So we walked all the way down to the festival area for nothing. Those jerks barely even had a festival since the parade ended at like 12:30-1 pm. We were so pissed and disappointed.\

#columbuspride #pride2015 #paradestuff

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Some shots from the parade.

I also did rainbow makeup for the day

heres to an awesome #prideseason and to being who i am around people that accept me

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Later on that night we returned to Axis for Dragapolooza. It was where 25 or so drag queens preformed for like 4 hours and Chad Micheals and Michelle Visage was there.

There was a really cool and enthusiastic Drag King there. I had never really seen a good Drag King performance before but she was rockin’ that Rick James bit so hard. It was really entertaining and I loved it!

Also this was one of my fave performances of the night. It was all about her love for pizza and I just….i felt so connected to her spiritually, emotionally, mentally.

A local queen, Nina West wore this AMAZING Ursula dress and I really want one for myself

I WAS LIVING FOR THIS DRESS #ninawest #columbuspride #pride2015 #ursularealness

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Michelle Visage was absolutely goregous. She’s so petite and short. I adore her so much. I want to be her

#motherhasarrived #michellevisage @michellevisage #columbuspride #pride2015

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And lastly here was Chad Micheals

I’ve never cried so hard for a queen before but when Chad came out as Cher, my little gay heart just couldn’t take it and I was literally sobbing as I watched her sing. It was just breathtaking. She didn’t stay on stage that much, not like I wanted to her. She just kind of did her performances and left. It was a little disappointing but it was okay too. We didn’t get home until like 12:30ish am and Watched some more Steven Universe before falling asleep.

Sunday was a more calm day as we went home pretty early, around 5 pm. I got home and had to clean up after my cats and feed them/organize my apartment. I always have to clean after I come back from from a trip or something. Have no idea why but I feel like my house always gets messy after I’ve been gone for a bit. So overall, minus the rain and a few quick preformances Columbus Pride was good. I’m hoping that if I go next year that the weather will be much better and that they have Dragapolooza again because that was honestly my favorite part.


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