The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 8]

Published June 24, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Oh god this one is called Brutal Death. I don’t even want to think about who’s going to die. I’m not ready for this!!

Joel is still in the building with the Clickers. Tbh I haven’t watched this is a few days so I don’t remember everything that was going on. I remember clickers, they hunt with sound, The trio got to the outside area, they were being chased by police soldier guys. But yeah Joel has now found another clicker or another zombie, cant exactly tell yet since he’s in the dark. It was a regular zombie i think. There are a bunch of them chasing Joel now and a clicker gets to him. So brad has to start from his last save point!

You can strangle the zombies like you can the no infected people and I’m still unsure if they kills them or makes them pass out. There’s about 4 around Joel now and he has to find a way around them. THERE ARE SO MANY! I would be freaking out. I’m freaking out for brad. I’m thinking the strangling actually kills them because once you strangle someone they don’t come back. But all of a sudden Joel was creeping behind a wall, still being stealth and a fucking zombie sees him. I mean this fucker yells and just charges at Joel. He’s all guns blazing and injures Joel and everything. This is too crazy. Now Joel’s got to sprint for his fucking life. But he dies again.

So restart. Zombies can see the light but I still don’t think the clickers can since they’re blind. Apparently the only way to kill the Clicker is to actually kill it, so by stabbing it or hitting it with a melee weapons. I don’t think they can be strangled like the other zombies. This area is definitely really tough. If one zombie sees you then the rest of them come after you right away. joel manages to distract to of the zombies by trowing a bottle and having them investigate and then in turn strangling them. A clicker comes by though after that and Joel uses his gun on it, wasting about 4 bullets. After all of that Ellie and Tess can come down and join Joel in this dangerous fucking area. it’s ridiculous

Joel pulls some rusty drawer thing away from a door. Tess and Ellie go through the door and because the entire building is slanted, if Joel would have let the drawers go it would have locked the girls in the room. It would have just slid back into place, you know? I mean this entire building’s slant is more drastic then the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Anyway Tess and Ellie move something, like a desk, to prop open the door. SO nothing is sliding around, Joel can jump over the desk and join them on the other side of the door. Finds a few things in the next room. I think just some ammo and maybe another shiv. They come to a part where there’s a gaping hole on every side and the trio has to jump down. This isn’t like a 2 story jump either. This is like really far down. Brad is so freaked out he saves the game because he thinks the fall will kill him!. I don’t blame him. I don’t think you can make the jump without at least injuring yourself. I don’t know if you can actually injure yourself in the game like through actions of jumping etc. But if you can this would be the area to do it in.

Brad is just trying to figure out how to get past the hole and it turned out there’s some collapsed areas that you can climb through so no jumping at all. Well that takes care of one problem. You can just fucking walk down there. That’s much safer. I still don’t remember what they’re supposed to be doing. I think they’re still trying to deliver Ellie to the Capitol building right? Most of the last couple episodes were just exploring and maneuvering about. This episode has the most action that we’ve seen in awhile. There are some fans that i think maybe they can kick out or remove to get out of the building. But Joel heads down further and they discover the body of a Firefly along with a new weapon, a Molotov cocktail.


It would have been really helpful a few minutes ago when we were surrounded by 4 fucking zombies and a clicker!! Damn! There are some stares that are blocked off by some rocks and that’s where the episode ends. I really wish he would make these episodes longer (though he is done with the series). They just end so abruptly. And good news is, no one dies in this one. It was just referring to the couple times Joel died because of an attack. So that’s good for the most part.


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