The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 9]

Published June 24, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Not exactly sure where they’re going. They’re still kind of exploring the crappy broken building but in the last episode Joel’s character actually said they can go out through some fans, probably by removing them or whatever. As they’re moving around and exploring though they see another zombie. There’s a small cut scene and Tess says that they’re almost out of the building. So they’re going somewhere and getting close. The zombie is actually a clicker and we get more information about them.


These clickers look like a bitch and a half to deal with! It’s making me nervous just watching this. You can stealth kill it if you have a knife but it’s definitely not as safe as just shooting the fucker. The game is dark as all hell and you can’t really use the flashlight since you don’t want to bring ANY attention to yourself what so ever. Joel manages to sneak up behind one of the clickers and shiv it. I think there was one clicker and one zombie. Joel just strangles the second guy so he must’ve just been a regular zombie. But there is another clicker in the area that they have to get rid of. Joel throws the Molotov and catches one clicker on fire. The sound attracts another one and it catches fire too and they both die. So the Molotovs are really good!

But that doesn’t last for long because there’s another damn clicker not too far from them. The clickers are all over this fucking building. But I want to know if Clickers are present in the building then why is it like safe to not wear the gas mask? Is it because most of the building is in open air and doesn’t have a solid roof so none of it is really contained? Maybe the clickers traveled over there somehow? They roam around the building but because they’re slow I don’t see them getting very far. They could have been infected there and turned into the Clickers but it does take them awhile to get that deformed, I think it was mentioned in a previous episode. I’ve still got tons of questions about these fuckers.

There’s a clicker in front of a gated opening and another one in a doorway a little further away. Brad wants to make another Molotov but he doesn’t have enough material. If he goes after the clicker by the gates and kills it, it will attract the other one and he might not be able to kill it so smoothly. It’s a tough battle. Joel throws some bottles and bricks to distract them and they head away from them so it works for a little bit. But the fucker goes back towards the gate and is really close to all of them. It’s getting super nerve wrecking. Brad finds off he has enough material that he’s collected to make 2 Molotovs so he ends up killing the nearest Clicker. Joel hikes Tess up a bit because there’s a ladder above them. She pulls it down and the three of them can get up there easier. The climb up and there in a more open area of the building. they’re finally out and closer towards the Capitol building.

There’s a truck blocking their way and they need to find a way up and over it. Nearby is a hole to a building where there are three regular zombies. Joel strangles two of them easily and kicks the head in of the last one. Tess makes a comment that these three were recently infected, which means there are more in the area that they are exploring. They have to hurry now and get over that truck. Joel drags out a desk type thing and makes is easier for everyone to climb over the truck. I waiting to see if there will be any actual hoards of zombies in this game. There only seems to be like 4-5 of them at most at one time. Joel pulls up another gated door and Tess hears something. There might be more zombies or clickers, or both being attracted to the sound of the heavy metal lifting. Joel is trying to move quickly and i guess I asked an received. That seemed to be like a small hoard of zombies coming after them. I was thinking in terms of like what the characters in the Walking Dead video game had to go through but we’re still at the beginning of the game. We have about 45 more episodes to go:P


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