The Last of Us Let’s play [Part 10]

Published June 25, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Seems like we’re finally going to get to the Capitol building. Tess continues to ask questions about how Ellie got bit. She says that she would sneak out and got attacked at a military boarding school. Joel upgrades some of his guns while Ellie and Tess keep talking in the background. I wish we could hear what they were saying more. All i got is that Ellie was around a mall when she ran into some infected and they bit her. So I’m assuming that on top of “breathing in spores” you can still get infected by bites…maybe. I mean Ellie is the only one weve met with a bite so maybe biting doesn’t automatically turn you into one of them. But when Joel gets bit/attacked he gets a death sequence and your time is up. So I still don’t understand how you turn.

There a door that leads into another room. Looks like this building is more of a home. They were in a garage looking area then an office. there is furniture everywhere and Joel is just searching for some extra things to use. Lots of scavenging in this game. Oh tess says that they’re in an old museum, which would explain why it’s so big. there a hole that’s kind of held up by these big wooden planks. Joel is able to hold it up long enough for Tess and Ellie to go through but it collapses/he let’s it go before he’s able to get across. The wood comes down which effectively separates Joel from the girls. Joel has to find a way around but the girls hear some clickers nearby and have to run away. Joel sees one so far and is able to shiv it. But soon after we hear another one clicking and it’s literally right behind him. So Joel has to sneak around and figure out another way to kill it. He doesn’t have enough to make another shiv so we’re gonna have to find another way around it.

Brad decides to use the Molotov to kill it. There’s another clicker close by that went close to the fire but not enough to get caught. So now there’s another one lurking around that we have to get rid of. Joel tries to get out of the area and heads up some stairs. There a zombie whos freaking out and hitting a door. I think maybe Tess and Ellie are behind the door and the zombie chased them in there. Joel strangles the zombie quickly but then we hear Tess shouting “Ellie, stay back” from behind the door, so I was right, once again ;P

Joel gets through the door just in time to see Tess beat the shit out of a zombie but Ellie is a bit further ahead and needs their help. tess and Joel run towards her voice and she that she’s being attacked. Tess starts firing bullets but two more zombies come out of the woodwork, and more keep coming. Tess continues to shoot and punch and Joel is using a pipe and other hand to hand combat. That was another small hoard and was really scary. ellie could have died! Well we know she doesn’t but she could have!! I’m wondering is Tess is going to die soon and leave Ellie and Joel to try and return on their own. But maybe something happens and they can’t go back to the little city they were in. So they have to go on their own journey. We get outside now, heading to the rooftop and we can see the Capitol Building closer.

Joel is able to find a long plank of wood that can connected the roof top they are on to the rooftop of the building right across from them. they have to traverse through these building because maybe it’s just not safe to walk in the streets. I mean that never sounds like a good idea but they are finding a lot of these zombies inside the building so i don’t know. This episode ends with Joel putting the plank down so we’ll see where we go from there.


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