Feminist Friday: Defend all Disney Princesses [Part 1]

Published June 26, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Here is something that I will do until the day I die. I may not like every Disney Princess (COUGH COUGH ELSA COUGH COUGH) but I will defend them and how each one is a good example of feminism and women taking hold of their own lives. Note I didn’t say that they were shining examples of feminism but each Disney Princess has her own way of shining, being outstanding and pretty much kicking ass in their own way. There are a few princess I will be avoiding which are Snow White (because I really don’t remember the movie that well. I know the basic plot and all but really not enough to discuss it), Aurora (because I’ve actually never seen Sleeping Beauty, and possibly Elsa….maybe. We’ll see. For sure the first two though.

Let’s start with Cinderella, aka the Miss America of the Disney World. Cinderella is basically seen as the one that started it all or at least began the whole snowball effect. Cinderella faces all kinds of abuse, especially emotionally and mentally. All she truly wanted to do was escape the hell that was living with her evil step family. That’s all she wanted. She wanted to be happy and away from them. She didn’t want to do chores anymore. And because she was barely let outside her idea of being happy and free was going to the biggest ball of the year and getting turnt as all hell. That is pretty much all she wanted. What happened is that when her fairy Godmother did show up and she went to the ball she met a cute boy. This was the first boy that had ever showed interest in her and gave her an awesome time by treating her like a person, not like a slave like the rest of her family did. Cinderella was happy that she got to go out, have fun, party, and meet someone cute. But people always through in the whole, she barely knew him and they got married thing as if it was a bad thing. Here’s the thing, The Prince was the one that wanted to find her. Cinderella couldn’t stop thinking about him but she had to return to her shitty life and stay locked up.

When they got married it was like a breath of relief for cinderella. She got out the house, she could have fun whenever she wanted and be with someone who truly appreciated her. In short Cinderella dealt with the cards that were given to her. She had to obey her abusive family or else they would abuse her more. And when she was given an opportunity to escape and be happy she took it. She did what was best for her and what would make her happy. I don’t blame Cindy one bit. We also have to realize that the time from the usual princess/prince encounter there is a time skip. So while it looks like the pair are getting the married the next day we don’t know exactly how long they spent together before actually getting together. It’s an hour and a half movie, they can’t put months of planning and falling in love in there. On top of that, all the princesses have extravagant weddings and that shit cannot be done in a day. it just can’t. So while it looks like The Prince and Cindy just went off and got hitched, it probably didn’t end that way.

In order to be a strong woman or a person in general you have to make sure you put your  happiness, emotional/physical/mental health above all else. Cindy did just that and went on to live her own happily ever after. She might be “girly” and “too feminine” but we all have to remember that bravery and feminism comes in different shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be super tough and beefy to be strong or a feminist. You just have to be you and do whats best for you. So stop knocking down Cindy and acting like she isn’t important. She is. In her own special way.


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