The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 11]

Published June 26, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

This one is called Tess so I’m a little nervous. I mean I haven’t really developed a bond with her character but she is pretty bad ass and is able to hold her own. She’s not useless, she has direction, and helps guide Joel along so I have no idea what we’re going to do without her. I don’t really want her to die either but I think I might be indifferent if she does. if anything happens though I’m hoping that my readers will watch the attached video first or have already seen/played the game so there won’t be any spoilers.

Ellie get across the plank first, then Joel. Tess makes it over okay too. Ellie stops to observe a nice sunrise but they have to keep moving. Tess freakin’ wears the pants. She’s so great and strong. It’s day time now, they’ve spent the entire night exploring and moving through buildings. Another dead Firefly body. Still don’t know who the heck the Fireflies are or how they’re important but they’re a group and no one likes them. Joel moves a dumpster to a gate and they climb it to get over the gate. Super close to Capitol now. There’s a flooded area of some gross green water and Ellie says she can’t swim. Same girl, same. Remember that one zombie movie where those fuckers crossed a lake or ocean or something and learned how to use guns? I forgot which one it was but I though that was totally fucked up. I think it was the one where they were trapped in the mall and the black dude has like a pregnant girlfriend or wife that gives birth to a zombie baby and he wants to keep it and everyone else is like NAH BRUH. Anyone know what I’m talking about?


Heading up to the stairs to the Capitol Building. Wonder whats going to happen once they’re inside. We get a nice cutscene and there’s a dead body. I guess the dead body was a Firefly and now they don’t really know where they have to go. I mean the job was to get her to the Capitol building and the other Fireflies were supposed to take her but what happens now? Tess is really frantic while Joel is kinda like I’m done with this bs. I guess Tess really wants her guns but there has to be some deeper motivation. it can’t just be all about guns can it?

I think maybe since Ellie could be “the cure” that might be what she’s really after. Just safety or something. Joel is pretty much like get it the fuck together Tess.Tess refuses to go home. and it turns out SHES INFECTED OMG. THAT’S WHY SHE WANTS THE CURE. She must’ve gotten bit some time when they were fighting. Dear god!!! I gasped so loud. I don’t know this is a surprise I mean this is what usually happens but still!

She got bit on her shoulder and states that  her bite is getting worse as compared to Ellie who has survived three weeks with her infection. Tess is desperate to get Ellie to the lab and get a cure then. I would be too. After surviving for 20 years to have it all end like that, hell nope. Tess wants Joel to get Ellie to Tommy’s place, so I’m assuming he runs the lab and is still alive? Or Tommy at least has a safe place for them to go for now. Some soldiers show up. They had probably still been following them since they killed those other two. Tess tells them to run and is pretty much going to hold off the soldiers. So this is where we part from Tess. I knew this shit was going to happen sooner or later.

Tess doesn’t want to turn into a zombie and so she’d rather die fighting. She’s so brave I swear. I’m on the verge of tears right now. Like I feel so bad for Tess. I can tell she really cared about Joel. Ellie can’t believe that they left Tess to die but they had no other choice of course. Ellie and Joel continue to move on and in the background you can hear something similar to gunshots and Tess screaming. Then it’s king of silent so that must be where she dies. Actually i’m hoping she doesn’t die and just shows up at the end all cool like the bad ass that she is. Oh no nevermind there’s a balcony and we can see her body in a pool of blood. So she’s officially dead and the soldiers are getting closer.

It fucking sucks that she dies. man she was such a good character. Joel finds a hunting rifle so its good that we have another weapon in our arsenal. The military guys are close by so they’re probably going to have to shoot their way out, strangle them one by one (and there’s like 5 maybe?) so that will be hard or sneak around them. This was a tough episode but I made it past the first death!! Hurray!


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