Published June 27, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

In an amazing landmark Supreme Court decision,Marriage Equality is legal across all 50 states. I’ve never been so happy for America in my life. Now, I could always get married to a man but it wasn’t until yesterday that I could marry whoever else I wanted. I learned about the good new when I was at work and was pretty much sobbing at my cubicle. Lots of happy tears that day. I called my mom too and told her that I could get married now. She was happy for me but told me I needed to get married in someplace warm like Hawaii instead of Ohio, typical mom:P

In a great out pour of support, a lot of people shared the great news on Facebook, shared pictures, and even changed their profile picture to that of a transparent rainbow flag. I personally thought the transparent flag looked dumb so i found a picture of a rainbow cat instead and made that my profile picture. It suited me better anyway! I also wrote an “official” magazine article for my online LGBTQ+ magazine, Out of This World Magazine. Please check it out an support me!


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