Feminist Friday: Defend all Disney Princesses [Part 2]

Published July 3, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Hey guys! Time for part two of these series. I had a hard time trying to decide which Princess I should do this time. It took me awhile but I boiled it down to Ariel and Pocahontas. Ultimately I decided to go with Pocahontas because she’s my favorite princess!

Pocahontas means the world to me. I’ve always thought she was perfect, beautiful, smart and strong. And I’ve always thought Native American culture was amazing in of itself. Pocahontas is also the first disney princess who looks like me. I’m not Native American but I do have darker skin, deep brown eyes, and thick black hair.

Now most people give P some flack because they’re like you should’ve married Kocoum!


Now I do admit that Kocum is a pretty decent choice. He cares about his tribe, he seems to care about P. He asked for her hand in marriage (via Pocahontas’ father) and is the next in line to be the tribe leader. P tells her father that he’s too serious and that she has other plans for her future. So right here we see that P is strongminded and has dreams like the rest of us. She wants to be the one to decide her own future, not her father or Kocoum. This is especially important because going against your father (and essentially) your tribe was a big deal back then. P has no feelings for Kocoum and if she did marry him it would pretty much be like an arranged marriage and those are never fun.

When Pocahontas sees John Smith, it’s pretty much utter fascination. She has never seen a white man before. She doesn’t know their culture and being the explorer that she is, Pocahontas wants to learn more. Obviously she didn’t know at the beginning that John’s people were there to take away her tribe’s land and kill all her people but you know…she gave him the benefit of the doubt! Not saying this was her best choice but it was a choice she made when she saw that John wasn’t like the other guys.

John isn’t that bad either. He tries to get Ratcliffe to call the whole thing off and he wants to help Pocahontas and her tribe. He doesn’t want anyone to get hurt but because this movie is essentially about bull headed men who rush into things without talking stuff through first all these problems arise. John ends up taking the fall for Kocoum’s murder even thought he didn’t do it and Kocoum started the fight. Pocahontas also wants to show that this is all wrong. She wants both her tribe and the Englishmen to realize what theyre doing is not worth it all. Pocahontas was a peacemaker and made almost everyone realize how wrong it was to start a war.

And in an effort to show his loyalty and how much a decent person he is John Smith takes the bullet for Pocahontas’ father.

Pocahontas is the ONLY princess to have to say goodbye to her beloved at the end of the movie and we don’t really get such a sense of closure until the sequel. Now, we all know that Disney sequels aren’t always the best and P2 is no exception. But it does show Pocahontas doing something that again no other princess has ever done, FALL IN LOVE WITH ANOTHER MAN.

So not only does Pocahontas fall in love with a guy in the first movie all while making her own decisions, she falls in love and breaks up with him like a normal human being would. P and John couldn’t spend the time they wanted together so they grew apart. Pocahontas realized this (she also did think he was probably dead, but that’s beside the point) and started falling for another guy.

Even when she was whisked away to England Pocahontas didn’t change for anyone. No matter how much they dressed her up and tried to “tame” her Pocahontas knew who she was deep down inside. She was part of her tribe, she wasn’t a white woman, she wasn’t English. She knew exactly where she belonged and who she wanted to be with. Pocahontas is literally so strong and badass. She makes a lot of great decisions in order to make herself happy during a time where a woman’s opinion wasn’t valued at all. She’s the one who changed her love life all over again to make sure she was happy as she could be. We all have to remember that bravery and feminism comes in different shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be super tough and beefy to be strong or a feminist. You just have to be you and do whats best for you. So stop knocking down Pocahontas and acting like she isn’t important. She is. In her own special way.


4 comments on “Feminist Friday: Defend all Disney Princesses [Part 2]

  • Love all of this! I’ve never actually watched the movie but it’s now on my watch list for sure.

    One thing I did disagree with is the ‘arrange marriages are never fun’. I’ve not had one and I don’t plan to but at the same time I’m totally up for my mum introducing me to someone – so it’s arranged by her. Obviously id then like to know the guy (same as say if a friend introduced us). So it’s not forced marriage – just arranged.


    • i was just saying that most marriages of the older kind was pretty much like forced marriage. they just had the title of arranged marriage. Pocahontas thing was kocoum wasn’t even like arranged it was just like they were planning it in a way. but i see what youre saying!

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