The Last of Us Let’s Play [ Part 12]

Published July 4, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Fuck the government. Well I mean they’re tryin’ to kill normal people in a  fungus infested society anyway. They’re pretty much dicks. Ellie and Joel are still trying to get away from the soldiers after they’ve killed Tess. Joel strangles one and uh…we’re trying to avoid the other soldiers in the area, as always. Game play is still really slow. I think were this episode started Brad was showing a little of the ending of episode 11. So there isn’t anything new yet.

We’re taking advantage of being sneaky and trying to get behind the soldiers and strangle them. It’s  really a pain in the ass! Unfortunately one of the last soldiers spotted Joel and shot at him. now Joel is forced to use his ammo which he is still running low on. Got around 6 bullets left, after wasting 5 trying to shoot at the solider. Realistically I would probably be shooting frantically too if I was playing but damn man, you’ve already got low stock of every kind of weapon! You can barely make shivs! Stop wasting so many bullets on one person. At this point brad as a full inventory of First Aid kits so he could definitely get closer to the target, suffer the wounds but get a clearer shot and waste less ammo. I kind of want to slap Brad across the head. Get you shit together Brad.

Oh so now he doesn’t have any first aid kits, so scratch my previous statement. Brad just checked his inventory. There still at least one more soldier to take down. Joel manages to grab the guy, throw him down and stomp on his head. FUCK. YEAH.

Moving on now, we’ve killed everyone in the area so now we can get this show on the road. We’re still in the Capitol building, going down some stairs to an area than again is a gaping hole. Gaping holes happen a lot in these building and we always have to get around them. Fucking apocalypse destroying everything. Most of the time you can jump down. There’s some dialogue and in this lower area more soldiers. So yay, more killing adn trying to get around these guys. COOL THING HAPPENED THOUGH. Joel had to get close enough to use hand to hand combat (he’s on 4 bullets now) and after a few punches to the solider he slammed his head into the wall. YASSSS. I love me some gore.



At least 2 more to go. Brad beat the AI with his own gun. One more down. Mostly just sneaking, crouching, and grabbing whenever the AI’s get close. Joel’s got like 8 bullets now. 2 armored guys, so of course our count is always wrong. There’s always more AI’s then we can tell. Joel and Ellie are actually really close to the exit. He manages to get one armored guy down with hand to hand, goes through the exit and the second armor guy starts shooting at him. Not good since once Joel starts shooting his ammo goes down to at least 2 and he’s taking mega hits from these bullets. Wouldn’t it be helpful if Ellie would like try to fight people too?  My sister tells me this happens later one but Joel reaaally needs the help right now, damn. No more ammo and he dies.

So starting back up again Jowl gets out of the Capitol with out any more interference and is heading down to a subway station. AI’s are still following and shooting so the pair have to traverse though the subway. There’s a dead body attached to the wall with the fungus growing from it so Joel has to get his mask on. Good thing that it’s an automatic mechanism in the game. Hiding from the AI Joel looks at Ellie and asks how she’s breathing in the spores. She responds with “I wasn’t lying to you” basically saying “Hey gray-dad I told your bitchass that I was infected and I’m here surviving.” Ellie’s pretty badass to survive all this and just walk up into the spores like “nah, not today satan. Not today.”

So now Joel has to take down more AI’s, big surprise. Grabbed and strangled both of the AI’s in the immediate area. we end with the pair going through an actually subway cart. I hate the abrupt endings so much.


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