The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 13]

Published July 4, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Still in the subway cart. These carts are flooded with water an Ellie says she cant swim. Joel tries to find something that Ellie could possibly float on. So she’s just kind of standing stranded in a cart. When Joel swims he can dive deeper into the water, so we got a new strategy. Ellie manages to find a flashlight. Joel find a smuggler’s note which I’m not sure why that’s important. Didn’t really spend that much time reading it.

Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming. Swimmingggggg. Swimming.

He finally finds a palette that Ellie can get on and Joel can move her around. Dad of the year award. Ellie moves around by walking across the platforms. She finds a ladder(because theres always a ladder whenever they need one-video game logic) and Joel climbs on so he can get onto the platform himself. More fungui growing around teh place. Joel goes up a big set of stairs and boom cutscene.

fresh air maybe? Wooded area. Joel gets to take off his mask. Ellie tries to talk to Joel about Tess but Joel shuts that shit down. he sets some rules for Ellie-don’t talk about tess, don’t tell anyone about her condition, and do whatever he says. Ellie doesn’t really have a choice but to agree. Joel says that there’s a town nearby and a guy who owes him some favors lives there. He miht be able to get the pair a car. Wonder where else they would go once they got it. Like would they go back to the place where Tess and Joel were living? Or go somewhere else? Would they try adn kick it with Uncle Tommy? Ellie seems a little down, like she’s unsure of what to do.

The town is up ahead and Joel decides to cut through some woods to get there. The scenery is GORGEOUS. Absolutely stunning. It’s so breathtaking. I love it.


They come to a locked gate area with barbed wire on top of it so they have to find a way to get around. Joel climbs on top of a nearby shack like building and finds a new melee weapon on the roof. It’s a pipe with a pair of scissors taped to it. Totally bad ass.


You can create and upgrade your melee weapons to make them stronger. The weapons break after a certain amount of usage which sucks. I really hate melee weapons like that. It so frustrating especially since Brad isn’t picking up that many weapon materials. He finds a plank of wood that he will use to get across these small buildings. I would not trust myself to walk across some simply little plank in real life.

Theres some smoke in the air and Joel thinks that maybe Bill is the one who is giving the smoke signal. Whoever Bill is, he’s supposed to be a homie of Joel’s but some shit is probably going to go down with him. Remember your biggest enemy in the zombie apocalypse is not the flesh eating dead bastards but the people around you. They got around the gate and are now in the town. Joel finds a building to go in through and I’m guessing the main goal is to get to the smoke. And we end the episode here, inside the building


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