The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 14]

Published July 5, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Why are there always drawers blocking holes in buildings. Like all of a sudden, because the world was going to shit every piece of furniture with drawers decided to block every crumbling hole. And you always have to move them or go around. Obviously it’s to make the game more challenging but damn think of other things to block holes. or simply have them be too high up, high enough where they can’t jump with out hurting themselves. Ellie is trying to whistle? Like her random conversations are so weird. Why of all times are you trying to learn how to whistle?? Also they’re in another office building. I’m getting tired of these damn office building. This is like the third one so far.

Joel is scrounging around for stuff. Good to know your melee weapon has little dots that tell you how much use you have left of it. So you hit someone once the dots will go down to 9, you get it. Joel finds a side door that’s locked and he has enough material to make a shiv and pick the lock. This is good because the locked door lead to like a little storage closet that had some supplies. Ammo, pills, I think some other weapon material. They come to a gate where the lock is jammed on the other side so we can’t use the shiv. Ellie suggests that Joel boosts her up so she can get to the other side and unlock it.

Joel boosts Ellie up and she climbs down to the other side of the fence and opens the door. A pipe or something was like jammed in it.  They go to an open area which is always a bad idea in a zombie game since they can come at you from all angles. Not good. This still has remnants of a town like more dead police cars and a liquor store. Joel’s plan once he gets the car is to drive to where tommy is (so he knows where his brother is, they might have had contact somehow throughout these years), since he’s a Firefly and would know where to take Ellie. Seems like a decent plan. Also Firefly is a really dumb name for a group of idiots trying to save zombies. Just kill them all ok. It sucks but you gotta buck the fuck up and do it. There’s never a cure. and If there magically is one, there’s not enough to save everyone, especially the ones that are too far gone and have no limbs/are rotting or whatever. Fireflies are stupid.

Going around town now, creepy music starting. Might be some shit going down soon. I don’t trust this music. Where exactly are they supposed to go now. I mean clearly we’re still going towards the smoke, that’s the main goal but what else are you supposed to do except search everywhere.

Bill sets an explosive trap which blasts a random clicker that appeared. They past through it now that it’s dead and come across a body with two arrows in it. Doesn’t seem important though. Have to watch where you step now because if you set off a trap then you’re dead too. Another random ladder, climbing over a truck. Joel finds a bow so now we have a new weapon. Ellie suggests that she should get the bow and arrow so she can help fight and cover Joel’s back. Smart girl. She’s great. But Joel denies her the bow that the dick father he is. I can’t tell if it’s a sexism, she’s too young mentality, or like protective dad.

Moving a plank from one place to another to get across a building. I don’t trust these boards. Like these wood blanks have been out in the air, exposed to natural conditions, i really doubt it could hold the weight of a grown man. Oh well theres a clicker that you can practice shooting your bow and arrow on.

Bill apparently doesn’t take too kindly to strangers. Seems like a wackjob. Great. Crossed underneath another wire trap that Bill set up. There a banging on a random side door of a building and Joel thinks wow theres banging behind this door, what the best thing I could do? Go through that door. Good job Joel. Good Job. Guess where we’re at? Another fucking building. Sneaking though. Looks like a house this time…there’s a bed. So at least there’s a new place to explore…sort of. Random zombie attack but we got to use the pipe scissors and it was fucking brutalllll. I like the pipe scissors. I would totally use those. It’s a shitty small house so I guess the banging was  i guess the one zombie was the one doing the banging. that was a little lack luster.


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