Critical Examination: The Last of Us (Part 2)

Published July 6, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Trying not to spoil myself so I’ll be reading this after I finish the game!!

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Part 2: Ellie

EllieI waste no time getting back into it.  The next part of this game’s equation to look at is Ellie.  The moral center of the game?  Well, yes and no.  She does give Joel his humanity back, but her own humanity is just as much in question in this game.  That plays into her arc, and is what makes her such an interesting character.  Now, I will head off expectations of talking about the Left Behind DLC.  While that is interesting, and gives us a lot of insight into her character, it isn’t strictly necessary for talking about the game.  I found her character compelling and interesting when I saw the game, long before the DLC came out.

When we first meet Ellie, she’s in a Firefly safehouse.  Marlene escorts Joel and Tess there, to negotiate the two of them smuggling her out of the city.  Seeing…

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