The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 15]

Published July 6, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Last place we left off was in Bill’s Town. He’s supposed to be the only one in the town so i guess it is technically his town. But anyway, Joel and Ellie have to dodge traps set up by set up by Bill (which are for Clickers). They’re still manuevering over trucks and going into crumbling building as if theyre freakin’ doing parkour. There was a gated are but this time the gate was open. There was a wire trap inside it and Joel shoots it. It would’ve probably been better if he just used a brick or a bottle. There’s another wire trap which he also shot. These traps as of now are really low on the ground so since we can’t exactly jump in the game I can see why we have to disarm them. But I have a feeling that a bunch of freaking clickers are going to come out of nowhere or something. So Joel and Ellie get into a building and Joel opens a door. All of a sudden his foot is caught in a rope adn he’s being pulled towards a ceiling by the weight of a fridge. Another one of Bill’s traps. He’s dangling now and Ellie has to find a way to disarm the trap by cutting the rope.

And so because they’re in an open building with lots of entrances of course a hoard of zombies comes out. So Joel’s dangling and having to shoot at these zombies upside down. The fridge made noise as it was the counter weight once Joel’s foot got trapped. The thing about this part is that you have infinite ammo. So the ammo Joel actually had is not getting wasted at all. The bad part is that the controls are all screwy because Joel is upside down now. Ellie’s taking her sweet as time and Joel got bit by a clicker. Start over time.

So Ellie accidentally knocks the fridge over, well with the help of some zombies and Joel gets sent higher up. The zombies can’t reach him now but poor Ellie is still on the ground so he has to continue to shoot at them so Ellie won’t die. Plus if she did die Joel would be hanging like that until the blood overwhelms his brain and he would die. Joel was freaking reloading and the clicker grabbed onto Ellie. That was a real close one. She managed to get out of it’s grasp and Joel shoots it. These zombies will not stop coming. Like I realize the fridge made noise when it fell over but damn there are so many. They’re mostly regular zombie with a few clickers. So less dangerous but still nerve wrecking. Ellie finally cuts the rope and Joel falls down real fast. A zombie jumps on top of him and he has to fend it off.

But luckily our homie Bill comes in and saves the day. Now we have to follow Bill to get out from this zombie infestation. This is the high action ive been waiting for.  They manage to get into an old laundromat and close a door behind them but they still have to haul ass. Zombies love to try and bust down doors. But theres a fucking Clicker in the damn laundromat! It was just in there before they got in but sheesh that thing came out of nowhere. And now the infinite ammo is no longer a thing. We have to use our normal ammo now and if we run out of bullets at a time like this it’s going to be hell. I mean we still have that badass pipe scissor thing but that’s not going to be useful against a hoard. idiots. There’s an open door on the other side of the building so of course zombies are coming in. -___-

They can’t catch a break. They finally get to a building that’s mostly safe. There’s a cut scene where Ellie tries to thank Bill and he responds by handcuffing her to a pipe. What a nice guy. He commands Joel to get on his knees and pulls a gun on him. Ain’t he a peach?? But Bill was technically doing it for a good reason. he was worried that Joel was infected. Ellie manages to break the pipe she’s handcuffed to and whacks Bill upside the head with it. go Ellie XDD!

Joel stops her though, from hitting Bill any more. Ellie is a bad ass. She was having none of Bill’s shit. She’s the best 14 year old ever. Bill doesn’t have a working car and he’s like wow take my car! take all my food while youre at it too. and Ellie, oh man Ellie’s like “looks like you could loose some of that food” (’cause Bill’s husky) I WAS DYING. SHE’S THE BEST I TELL YOU.

Bill could fix a car up so the three of them have to set out on an adventure in this dangerous little town to find some car parts to get a vehicle working. We get to upgrade the shiv so now it’s going to do more damage  adn reduce the force necessary to do said damage, which increased the life of the blade. So this means its not a one time use thing anymore. They’re in a small little restaurant and ready to head back out into the town. Ellie’s such a little spitfire when it comes to shit Bill says to her. It’s great. So now we just have to get through the other side of town and we’ll be done! Well not done but one step closer to getting a car.


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