Mortal Kombat X Fatalities

Published July 7, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Welp, the time has come for me to sit back, get some popcorn and watch all kinds of body parts fly at me. It’s my favorite time of year whenever Mortal Kombat is around adn i get to watch like 3 hours of bone crushing gore. it’s my favorite thing in the world. I’ll try and post some gifs of my favorite but for now let’s get the show on the road.

Kung Lao:

(Face Grind)For the most part it’s the same. His blade hat spins and instead ofsliding the person’s entire body through it, severing them in half, he just does the head. I liked the whole body better.

(Flower Pot): Ok definitely like this one more than Face grind. Cut off the head, slice the torso into 4 sections so when the head falls back down it looks like a pretty flower. Awww.



(Jax The Ribber): Pulls out 3 ribs, stabs all three in the head then turns the head all the way around. ehh it’s ok.

(T-Wrecks): What I don’t get is how he pulls the arms up and smashes them back into the body. It seems out of place if he’s just going to rip the jaw off and put his cigar out. Jax’s aren’t that great. Though Jax has never been my fave character either. But still. I liked when he ripped off limbs and beat people with it. His redesign is also nice. He looks older and more like a grumpy badass.


Oh my god I love this intro. I wonder if Her and Johnny had a one night stand and that’s how they got their daughter. Also Johnny’s grey hair gives me life. it’s the best. Though it makes me feel kid of old. (Mk is I think about 10 years older than me though)

Target Marked: She stuffs a grenade…smoke bomb…tracker? thing in the mouth, summons a machine which lasers off the arms and then explodes the head. Not bad. Pretty simple and not too flashy though.

Head Hunter: Definitely prefer this one. She cuts the head off with a wire and has her machine rittles the head with bullets until the flesh melts off and then she keeps the head. That last touch is what sold me on this fatality.

Kenshi: I remember him from i think Armageddon, I can’t remember which shitty MK game I played but I had no idea he was back in this one. Kind of forgot about him. Whoops. So he’s blind and has telekinesis.

Tele-Copter: I LOVE IT. OMG. That bit of slow mo at the beginning is perfect. So far, fave fatality (but this will probably change lol) Spinning blade of doom chops opponent to teeny bits.


My puppet: Ok well…new favorite. Absolutely love this one. Ribcage explodes out and a cute puppet trick!

Mortal_Kombat_X_All_Fatalities (1)

Good job for a guy I don’t really remember.

Kitana:Let me say that I just love Kitana’s redesign so much. Like it’s still a little revealing but her breasts look small, her armor is a bit more appropriate and we can take her seriously now. I’m soooo happy. Also I like how the characters acknowledge each other so it’s like they know who they’re fighting.

Splitting Hairs: I don’t really know why she cuts the hands off first. And the splicing the head into thirds is ok. Hope the next one has her throwing the fans or something.

Dark Fan-Tasy: Hehehhhehe pun. Yep, second time is the charm. Got the throwing fans, making them expand in the opponent and a cool magic wind swirl that pulls the body apart. Niiiice.

Scorpion: Awwww shittttt, My nig, Scorp! Let’s see it baby. I’ve got high hopes for this.

Who’s Next: he summons a rock from hell? Ok… But we still have the classic notion of get over here, throw the hook, catch the head, rip it off. Then pin the head to the rock with a knife. Tbh my fave part about this was the subtle eye twitch of the severed head.

Stop Ahead: Fireball through the stomach, dangling heart. Though he was going to do something with the heart but no he just slices the face off. Weird. The face slicing seems to be big in this game. Wasn’t too impressed with Scorp’s moves 😦 Again I noticed the dead opponent more, this time it was the amazing skin detail on Quan Chi.

Sub Zero: Ok second ninja’s a charm, right?

Bed of ice: I like this one. He creates a bed of nails with icicles and throws his opponent onto them. Best part is the last stomp that get the eyeball, just right at the end.

Mortal_Kombat_X_All_Fatalities (2)

Chest Kold: I think Kenshi and Sub Zero have the best ones so far. He freezes the chest with some icicles, then pushes them back into the body, creating a gaping flesh hole where he can grab the spine, snap it in half then rip the body itself in half. Loveeeeee.

Mileena: Mileena is bae. how can you not love her. She absolutely means the world to me and is my fave female fighter. I’m so excited for her fatalities. Her design is still sexual but it’s almost acceptable in a way because Mileena is a vixen. Kitana is a princess/warrior so i think her redesign def fits her better and Mileena is just classic Mileena and there’s nothing wrong with that. At least she has pants.

Tasty Treat: This is perfectly catty Mileena. She claws at her opponents torso with chunks of flesh flying everywhere until the torso separates from the lower half (leaving some intestines behind) and she gobbles up some flesh. Precious angel.

Face feast: I also like her new haircut, just saying. She stabs her knives in the head, pulls it off and eats the face. Not bad. I think I like the first one better. But her badass walking away just makes me love her even more.

Takeda: Kenshi’s son. Completely new character for MKX which features all the next gen kids. Weapons are Whips, Katanas, Kunai and Plasma Swords. And OMFG he and jacqui are together. WORRKKK. He also has daddy issues, ok cool.

Head CAge: So the title comes from pulling out the ribcage and sticking it in the head. He uses his air spears to do this.

Whip It Good: Lololo love this name. I really love his bladed whip, It reminds my of Ivy’s sword from Soul Calibar. This fatality is definitely better than the first. He slices off both the arms then puts the whip in the mouth, the blades extends and he pulls out the entrails. I think that sometimes they add extra cutting of limbs for no reason. I think this would’ve been cool just seeing the entrails being pulled out.

Cassie Cage: I love her hair. It’s my favorite. And she’s so cute with her interaction with Johnny. “let’s go dad,” “you’re breaking your old man’s heart,” “and maybe your face.” LOVE IT.

Bubble Head: Blows to the kneecaps, shot to the head, sticks her bubble gum in it to plug the squirting hole. It’s just so cute. But let me tell you, I play MKX on the Ipad and she is a bitch and a half to fight. I think she’s getting up there with Mileena as my fave. I feel like she’s already better than Sonya.

Selfie: Really hard slice to the jaw. And then she takes a selfie and uploads it. She is definitely Johnny’s daughter. God she’s so adorable. I love this fatality.

Jacqui Briggs: I was going to say I’m glad we finally get more minorities in the game but like…most of the characters are Asian so that wouldn’t even be fair. And she’s in an interracial relationship for christ sakes. Ok the point is, we have a strong black female character and I’m hoping she’s better than Jax because he’s a little stale. Also I like her name but at the same time I dont because it’s just like a girl version of jax. I understand the kids are like their parents but I want them to be a bit more like themselves too and stand on their own. I really like how she’s a boxer, did olympics and went into the special forces. She’s honestly a badass. And i love her and Cassie together.

Fist Pump: Breaks the neck adn Punches a hole right through the skull. I hope Takeda doesn’t make her mad any time soon.

Blown Out: She does this one against Cassie and I love their Dialouge.

C: Don’t Speak to me ever

J:What? i just said your dad’s kind of hot.


I’m not exactly sure what happens in this fatality. She rips flesh off the sides of the stomach then lifts Cassie and I think maybe her arm gear shoots something that makes the flesh explode. Ok she has special gauntlets that can fire plasma energy so that’s what happened. Good to know.

Kung Jin:  Ok so he’s Kung Lao’s cousin not his son. So related but not his kid. Which is good. Different fromt he other next gen characters. he seems like a huge dick (which he is) but they put a gay character in MK!!! Like I’m so fucking proud! I mean too bad I hate him (so far) but this is a big step! less boobs, more gay!! this is also amazing because it shows a Queer character, that’s not a stereotype, and is strong. Being gay also isn’t the backbone of his story it’s just part of who he is, making it all the more realistic. Oh man oh man oh man i’m so happy. the bad part is that it is background queer stuff and could easily be missed amongst the gory play time. There’s a great article on this here.

Pinned Down: Let’s get these arrows a firin’. I really like the design of his Bow. It’s really nice and detailed and can also be used as a weapon itself. he stabs it into his opponent after firing 3 arrows. The Dragon head at the top has lots of spikes, in an effort to show a dragon’s mane and whiskers (typical of asian dragon design) and essentially grabs the body and makes it sort of explode. Then the arrows pin down the head and both arms, hence the name.

Target practice: This one is pretty simple, sever the head, fire arrows into the head, head falls. Not totally impressed with his fatalities.

Shinnok: Well hello redesign. Damn. He went from this:

to This:

Although that corset looking thing makes him look like he’s got titties. Nice Elder God. I really do like his skeletal hands though. It’s totally my aesthetic.

Flick Trick: A skeletal hand appears and flicks the head off the opponent.

Mortal_Kombat_X_All_Fatalities (3)

The Grinder: Twist, pull, smash. I really like these skeleton hands. i wish I could summon skeleton hands.

Kano: Head Aussie dick is back.

Head Case: Slice stomach, entrails fall out. Sears head with his laser eye.

Knife to Meet You: Knife in the throat. He’s got big knives. Then one in the head, Body falls and pushes knives deeper. Meh, alright Kano.

Johnny Cage: everyone’s favorite douchebag is back. he’s such a gray little grandpaXD

lIttle Improv: Just a bunch of head smashing.

Here’s Johnny: The gif will explain it all. Dammit Johnny.

Mortal_Kombat_X_All_Fatalities (4)

Erron Black: Well I have no idea who he is. Hi new character. So he’s a fancy cowboy with guns. Ok. Let’s see what you got. I like his name though.

Six Shooter: I mean he fills his opponents with holes that kinda make this face :O.


Sand Storm: He tosses one of his sand orbs and then shoots it and shrapnel comes out the skin and the body overflows with sand. I like his design just not his fatalities.

Liu Kang: I never really liked Liu Kang because i’ve honestly just hated his movesset and i thought he was difficult to fight with in MK9, especially when you were doing parts of his story and HAD to fight as him. But…i swear he looks like Ricky Steamboat. Am I right?

I swear Liu Kang even looked like him when he was younger, right down to the headband.

Splitter: Kicks opponent into the air, uses fire power on his fight and shoots himself into the sky. Stabs his fire feet into his opponent then does a sick split to rip them in half. Pretty cool, gramps. I like this one.

Sore Throat: Rips out the…larynx?voicebox…some part of the throat and then stuffs it back into the mouth. ALRIGHT BUT WHERE’S THE DRAGON???

Ermac: He’s honeslty so cool and up there with my fave male characters. He houses 10000 souls, that’s just awesome.

Head Out: Rips the head off, slams it back into the bdoy so it’s in the stomach then rips it our again with his mystic energy. Pretty cool.

Inner Workings: OKAY OKAY THIS ONE IS A NEW FAVE. Man he justs twists his opponent up then takes out the entrails, crumples it into a ball then let’s it fall. This is wayyyyy cool.

Kotal Kahn: ANother knew character. I really like his design as well, this isn’t the first time that MK has introduced Native American characters but it is the first time that there’s Mexican Native American characters. Though he is an Osh-Tekk, he’s very much like a tribe member and inspired by Aztec culture. He also usese Aztec weapons, Mauahuitl and the Tecpatl.

Be Mine: Cuts the chest, rips out the heart and crushes it. Classy.

Tight Squeeze: A bear hug so tight it pops you head off.

Reptile: They made him more scaley so that’s good.

Bad breath: Acid breath melts the face before he rips it in half. I swear half these fatalities involve the head.

Acid bath: Body dissolves in acid before-you guessed it!-he rips the head off with his tongue. These are becoming a wee bit stale. And it sucks because I really like reptile

ferra/Torr: They serve Kotal Kahn, Ferra leads the way and Torr does the brute work.

Play Time: Wow. Torr actually throws Ferra herself into the body and her bladed gauntlets just tears the person to shreds. He then pulls her out again, which slices the body in half.

Better Than One: Ferra pushes her gauntlets into the opponents head then drags the claws down the back to slice the body in half. But honestly just seeing Torr move makes he frustrated. I hate big bulky characters like that.

D’Vorah: She looks so cool…except for the fact that she’s a giant bug and i realllllllly hate bugs.

Heart Broken: Two of her pincer…leg things impale the heart and brain and pull them out. I like this one but I just want to smash her with a shoe!! D’Vorah is such a pretty name though.

Bug Me: Oh god she took of her hood. I don’t like her eyes. Grossssss. She uses her bugs to cause damage and then they eat the face off the enemy and she crushes the skull. I would probably cry if I ever fought her.


Bug Eyes: Weird seeing as we just finished D’vorah. Another head thing but this one is a bit cooler. Raiden uses his lightening hands to grab the head, the eyes pop out, he rips the head off and destroys it with lightening. The eyes were my fave part.

Conducting Rod: Another favorite! Cuts off legs at the knees, sticks a metal rod into the body then electrocutes it. You can even see the skeleton! Goro’s skeleton is pretty cool too.

Quan Chi:

Both Ends: I forgot about his cool vortexes! He summons two of them, through the body in and then it separates it in half. Like Portal only hardcore.

Mind Games: I also really like his zombie…ram thing. It’s design is sick af! he pulls a body onto a sword, then raises it up (and drops it), effectively cutting it in half.

Goro: I miss Sheeva….

Peek-A-Boo: Shoves the head into the body then rips the skin off to show the head inside the torso. Cool, but too similar to Ermac’s.

Shokan Amputation: Jumps on the body and uses his 4 arms to pull 4 limbs off. Goro just likes ripping people up, which is cool but it shows that he’s just a dumb brute.

There are definitely some good new ones and interesting characters/redesigns but the fatalities were ok in my opinion. I think I like some of the ones in MK9 more. Now it’s time for me to pass out because this took be like 2 hours to write. Peace!


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