The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 16/17]

Published July 7, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Alright, time to get this party started. There are lots of shitty cars around so I’m wondering how are they going to get the car from one place to another. You can’t push a car through hoards of zombies. Especially ones with such shitty parts that you need to fix them up. I know Bill said that what he needed was on the other side of town but I’m still wondering how this whole car thing is going to go down. he also said that there’s a lot more infected people on that part of town so we might have more hoards.

Bill and Ellie are such sarcastic little assholes to each other. I love the banter that goes on between them. it’s so funny and really gives the characters a personality. And damn they didn’t waste any time, big explosion off in the distance and some infected and clickers come out. After disposing of them quickly the gang arrives at a cathedral. it’s really big and locked up behind a bunch of gates, seems like a good place to hold up.

Cutscene time!

Ellie is asking for weapons and Joel of course keeps denying her. Bill also keeps mentioning Tess and Joel hasn’t told him that she’s dead yet. ALSO i forgot that Bill is gay. In the countdown for LGBTQ characters in video games Bill was going to but on that list until we found out Ellie was with her girlfriend. Aww man I like Bill even more now. He’s got a good attitude and is just like fuck everyone take care of myself. Which tbh might be my tactic if I was in the zombie apocalypse. Bill doesn’t like Ellie but I swear to good I love seeing them interact. Joel and Bill load up on guns and ammo so that’s good. Bill introduces a nail bomb which looks pretty badass!! It’s awesome. So Bill’s got a good stash of supplies because the military are too dumb and overlook this stuff. They roll through towns trying to find extra supplies but Bill’s got a lot more than they do. So the military’s truck got overrun by infected a few months back and Bill says that that is the battery they need for the car. He didn’t want to go to that part of town because it’s overrun by infected. Wonderful. But Joel needs a car…

They have to head towards the high school because that’s where the military truck crashed into. They’re exciting the cathedral when a clicker shows up. Bill is dumb enough to yell WATCH OUT really loudly. Like dude, you know that’s just going to draw it in closer. Fuck! another one just came out from around the corner. Two now. But at least Joel got to use the nail bomb and got one of the clickers. A shot gun was a good way to get the other clicker. One shot and it was down. Further down towards some mausoleums are two more clickers. I would try and creep around them as best as I could. But realistically why isn’t it an option to trip a clicker. If you sneak up real close (they don’t even have good balance anyway) and trip them, then they’ll fall and you’d be able to smash their heads in with your foot or maybe a melee weapon, which would cut down on the bullets you would have to use/the sound you would make to draw in more clickers. That would’ve been more simple don’t you think. There’s like about 7 of them surrounding this place. God their clicking is so annoying. It sounds like the grudge girl on a broken record.

Now there are more regular zombies but still a few clickers around. Bill was right this place is over run. You have to be super stealthy in this area. This is crazy. They were able to get inside a building at last, so sort of safe for now.

Inside a houseeeee. Sounds like either theres zombies in the house or it might be the ones outside the house making noise. Not sure yet. Theres a small shed which has an open entrance so they need to be careful. The whole front lawn is infested with these bastards. Bill is good at fighting them off and shooting.  There was a little hiccup where they had to fight off some of the zombies but I mean it was inevitable. It’s all over the place. They have to traverse through some sheds and garages of the little houses around time. We’re still trying to maneuver through these buildings to get close to the high school. They get to a a garage that has a door in it that’s tied on the other side. Video game logic, the giant garage door itself is open so i have no idea why they didn’t just try and go around. Ellie suggests going through the planked doggy door and since she’s small she could fit. Ellie notices that there are more clickers inside the next house. So even more stealthy.

I mean there were like a hoard of them. But they managed to just avoid the clickers and get to the house that is right next door to the high school. Making progress. Joel gets some supplies and crafts some first aid kits, molotov cocktails, nail bombs, and a shiv. They get through the house quickly and lift up a garage door. Here we get another cutscene You can see the truck that has crashed into the school but there’s like a BUNCH of zombies in front of it. Didn’t we learn from the walking dead to avoid schools at all costs. Schools are only good for one thing-nurse’s offices. Other than that they’re horrible and always littered with zombies. Brad tried to throw a regular bottle and accidentally through a molotov cocktail which drove all these zombies towards them. So it’s melee time. Cool thing that happened! Joel smashed a zombies head into a car!!! YASSSSSS.

The regular zombies make really funny mumbling sounds. It’s so not scary at all. What’s scary is that they come swinging at you really fast but other that they’re really dumb sounding. There’s a maze of school buses that they have to move around and zombies hiding around every corner. I hate when those fuckers sneak up on you. Down to one first aid kit after that whole mess with more sneaky zombies. Ellie notices another LADDER HOW FREAKIN’ CONVENIENT THAT THERE ARE LADDERS EVERYWHERE. Ellie climbs up the bus to retrieve the ladder so I guess the guys can cross over or whatever. I realize that they call the zombies “infected” in this game but we all know this is a fuckin’ zombie game so no way try and correct me. The had to cross the bus that was  crashed into a gate that had barbed wire on top.  They mange to get to the military truck but zombies are hot on their trail once again. The zombies are piling a long the fence they really have to get this battery quick. They are close to being really fucking screwed. Omg.

Bill get a window open and everybody climbs in but it cuts to a cutscene where a clicker climbs on top of Joel. He gives it an elbow and Ellie tries to pull him in Bill blows its head off and they manage to close the window. The zombies are banging on the metal doors. Ellie and Joel push like some heavy shelf thing in front of it to try and keep the doors shut while Bill tries to open the hood of the truck. he opens it and IT’S FUCKING EMPTY. SOMEBODY TOOK THE BATTERY ALREADY. OH HOLY HELL. WHAT ARE THEY GONNA DO.


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