Raw 7-6-15

Published July 8, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Starting with brock….again. This is going to last 20 minutes. 20 minutes that I don’t want to deal with. At keast Brock actually smiled at his fans chanting, showing that maybe he actually enjoys them. Oh and good that it only took 10 mins! I’m happy. Didn’t have to skip ahead that much. What is with those shitty photoshopped pictures of kane in Hawaii? I kind of feel bad since Big Show is getting stale. The same could be said for Dolph but I don’t want him to go just yet. I’m hoping the wwe will create some great opportunities for him that will make him want to stay. For some reason I think i’d like to see Bray vs Ryback. Don’t know why but it would be something different than just big guy vs big guy like what’s happening with him and Big Show. The Miz doesn’t count. No one pays attention to the Miz. The Miz is providing annoying commentary that no one wants to hear. Crowds chant Cleveland sucks much to the dismay of the Miz who says he’s from Hollywood. Miz interrupts the match, how wonderful. Next match please. Well at least I get to see Miz get the shit kicked out of him.

Cena has another open challenge. Great. But for now Brie is going against Paige. Which Brie isn’t even that good. I hate that they’re making Paige job for her. Paige has really grown on me, shes a little less annoying now. I wish she would get better clipin blue extensions though. They kind of look ratty. And i also don’t think it’s anything to celebrate having the title for almost a year when the competitions are the same and the women’s division doesn’t get the attention they deserve/don’t let the girls actually fight like they were taught. The way they throw each other looks so delicate and I know they can really whip a person into the ringpost. The Bellas pick up another win. I’m really wondering who will help Paige. I think they might be setting up for some NXT girls to come into the main roster, or maybe someone coming back. But they also didn’t make a big deal about Tamina coming back, which she deserves.

I’m also glad that Roman is adding a few new moves into his set. He’s been doing those powerbombs too! It’s nice to see him improving. But the way he hypes himself up in the ring is ridiculous. He makes such dumb faces. I love him so much. But please tell me why i wasn’t really expecting Bray. Like I’m not surprised but also I thought maybe they would finish the match… I mean he didn’t sneak into the ring this time, he did his own entrance. But i absolutely loved how Roman was like I’m tired of this shit and ran and punched bray in the face. Bray didn’t even get to blow out his damn lantern. God that was great. And did the ref really do a countout??? What kind of stupid shit is that. Wait…Randal what are you doing here? What’s going on?? Did Roman leave?

Well at least this feud will be a it interesting and maybe Randy will be WHC again. Also Summer Rae is the absolute worst. She’s destined to be a valet forever. She sucks in the ring and hell she even sucks as a valet. I don’t know know what her dynamic is with Rusev. it’s so weird. It’s like guess who likes abuse, Summer. But poor Dolph, he’s never been that great on the mic, he tries so hard but it’s really not that greatXD I like Dolph and Lana but I’m also getting tired of seeing them kiss. I’m hoping maybe Lana will be training for a match against Summer Rae though. OHHHHH SHIT THE SHOES CAME OFF OHHH SHIT IT’S GETTING REAL. OHHH SHIT. That crutch bent real quick so I can bet there is some real damage done to Zigs. Has it really been like 6 weeks since he fractured his ankle? It didn’t really seem that long. Or maybe he had been faking it? I’m not really sure. This is strange. I also wonder if they’re trying to send Dolph on his way out with this attack since his contract is almost up.

Something with Bo Dallas, poor Bo. He’s like the Matt Hardy of the Rotundo brothers. Wait wrong. He’s like the Ted Dibiase in the DiBiase/Rhodes faction. and WAit they made Dean waste a match on him???? What kind of shit is that. Also go check out the WWE Shop, they have an extra 50% off sale going on for 2 days only! I just got a Roman Shirt, Dean Beanie, and a Shield Dog Tag! I’m so freaking excited.

Fun fact though, Bo looks really nice with his hair dry.

I also have no idea whats going on with this wad barett/r-truth feud. BNB is really good and R-truth has been in the business a long time but they have no dynamic together. It’s like that the actual hell is going in. Its just weird. I’m not a fan of it and find it rather boring. So i skipped it.

Also I totally thought Seth was going to come out with a sledge hammer but instead he’s got a piece of wood??? Not what i was expecting at all. Their little wood things look like toothpicks compared to Brock. They really should’ve thought that threw more. Biggest OH SHIT moment though was when Seth called Brock Paul Heyman’s bitch. Whoa man. This is serious. Phewwww, everyone was like OOOHHHHHHHHHH. So bring on the Hulk Smash. Thanks to instagram and facebook i’ve already seen the damage to the car. Oohh he ripped the door off…. I don’t really think he should’ve like possibly broken jamie’s arm. Like he literally has no respect for people. I understand the gimmick of destroying the car but they honestly should ban the moves he used in the octagon. Those are completely different and worse on people. I wouldn’t fucking want my day ruined because some douchebag who wont even get punished or fined for it, break my arm. I hope that something ends up disqualifying the match. I don’t think Brock deserves the title. He’s such an asshole.

Totally skipped the tag much, as much as I love the Lucha Dragons and how great they are I wasn’t in the mood to watch them vs the New Day.

At least Cesaro is making a comeback while TJ is recovering from his surgery. Cesaro’s a great fighter though. He’s got amazing moves and he’s giving Cena a run for his money. Cena fucked up that Springboard Stunner real bad though, haha! There were some great close calls too. But I could’ve sworn that Cena put his leg up after the Neutralizer so Cesaro could “pin” him properly. The crowd really got Behind Cesaro too. I’m hoping he gets the title but I wouldn’t be surprised if the poster child kept his toy. Cesaro trying for the Neutralizer from the second rope looked so awkward. It just looked like Cesaro was grabbing Cena’s ass really awkwardly. And of course Cena’s retains, big deal.


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