The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 18/19]

Published July 8, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

My balls are sweating. I am dying. This is too much. i have no idea how they’re gonna get out of this one. The zombies burst through the metal doors and the trip have to run behind another set of doors. It’s not like that’s going to hold them off for long but it’s the only thing they can do right now since they don’t really have a plan. Now they have to move through the school and Bill has an idea to sneak out the back. But you can hear the zombies and clickers that are all over the place. So joel dies real quick due to clicker bite and when he gets respawned he throws a brick to try and draw the zombies attention away from them but it ends up hitting her right in the fucking head. I LOST IT.


(might help if you turn the brightness on the screen up)

We learn that punching a clicker is ineffective. Good to know. More zombie fighting. There were like 5 around them. Going into the science room and Joel throws a nail bomb. Took out two dude. They get to a hallway that might lead them to the back entrance but guess who’s guarding the hallway. Zombies that were really quick to see Joel and came SPRINTING at him from the end of the hallway. They find a double door that leas to a gym. Some weights are able to block  that double but all a fucking sudden this bitch comes walking into the Gym acting like he fucking owns the place. OH. MY GOD.

It’s like Woody from Toy Story when he walks into a room.

The_Last_of_Us_Gameplay_Walkthrough_Part_18_Bloater (1)




This is some scary shit. My sister and i are guestimating that to become a clicker, it takes about 5- 10 years and to become a bloater it probably took the whole 20 year time skip. This is ridiculous. How the hell are we even going to begin to kill this thing. It blasts spore balls. That’s what i’m calling them. Now random regular zombies have come in and Its just so much to think about. If Bill dies also then you die and you have to keep your partners alive and well. I don’t even think you would want Bill to die because he could be good at keeping away the regular zombies while you try and blast the shit out of the bloater. The fungal armor isn’t really helping either. This is going to be one tough ass battle. I wonder if the spore blasts actually hurt you of it it just provides as a distraction because it creates a cloud of spores and then you dont see the other zombies coming towards you. Bill is getting some good shots in while most of the regular zombies are down. It’s taking a lot of ammo that they don’t really have to kill the Bloater.

One more shotgun round left. Change to I think the revolver and just in time because a lost shot from Bill kills it. THAT was some scary shit man. Ellie and Bill manage to get on top of the bleaches but three zombies comes out of nowhere and Joel HAS to kill them. Like Bill won’t extend his hand to help you up onto the bleachers until you’ve killed them. It’s just so you can pick up ammo from the dead bodies and be stocked for whatever else happens after. They finally get out the back of the school and away from most of the zombies. Well until one runs up randomly and attacks Joel. There;s still more of them trying to get to you but they manage to get over a Pickett fence and into a house. ALRIGHT ARE YOU READY FOR THE FUCKING TEARS???!!!

Bill see’s a guy hanging (as in he hung himself) and he says that it’s Frank. Frank was Bill’s partner. Bill cuts him down and sees that he has bites on him. Joel suspects that because he didn’t want to turn he hung himself to avoid it all. The tears are rolling. Oh man. Bill is on the verge of tears but he’s showing all his emotions through anger. Ellie finds Franks truck which is running on the battery that they planned to take. So now we have a plan B.

Time to get driving I suppose. They let Ellie drive as they pushed. Good idea to let the 14 year old drive. Also Bill is such a grumpy old gay i love him. MANNN TROUBLE IN PARADISE.


DAMN FRANK, LAYING DOWN SOME TRUTH TEA SHIT. This was found searching through the house for some extra stuff. Awww Joel says some cute dad things to Ellie. Daddy-Daughter time!

Ellie knows how to drive I guess. Good 14 year old. They get the car rolling out from the garage and start heading down the street when they get ambushed by zombies. big surprise. Kicking ass and taking names. Getting Killed and starting over. Back to pushing the truck. More zombies. Coming out of every house, damn. It’s like push, zombies, push, zombies, push zombies. They got the car started and are ready to get this show on the road. They both get into the truck bed and away from the zombies and Ellie floors it. I’m surprised they just let a 14 year old drive that far. They drop Bill off and Ellie and Joel are on their way by themselves again.

Cutscene, them driving in the car in the rain. Turns out Ellie stole some stuff from Bill’s place. That little shit. I love her. She even steals one of Bill’s porno magazines and looks at the guys in thereXD Omg this kid is exactly like how i am. She even chucks the magazine out the window. Now they’re on their way to Pittsburgh. They drove the whole day? It’s still light out. But they get to a blocked highway and Joel takes a detour. Goddamn the animation of these building are soooooo nice. I can’t even stand it.


But then they run into some Hunters, who are essentially bandits trying to steal you shit. Joel just runs this dude over. He is taking no fucking prisoners. It’s the As they’re escaping and trying to get away a random train??? comes and clips the end of their car. Joel looses control and they crash. So now…no car??

They grab Ellie and Joel and rough them up. They try and kill Joel but he gets this guy in the neck with some glass. Then another asshole punches Ellie and THERE GOES HOT GRAY DAD TO THE RESCUE. Don’t mess with his little girl! He beats the shit out of the guy. Man these hunters are dicks. There are always assholes in the world, even in zombie apocalypses.


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