Teenage Boys Want More Female Heroes, Less Cleavage In Video Games

Published July 9, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget




It’s a common stereotype that teenage boys are sex-obsessed. It’s not an entirely untrue or unreasonable stereotype, but it is a stereotype, and one that often comes up when you discuss gaming. Turns out, though, teenage boys aren’t interested in digital T&A so much as they are in Lara Croft kicking ass.

A new study asked 1,400 middle and high-school kids what they thought of women in video games, and the results are worth looking at.

  • 47 percent of middle school boys and 61 percent of teenage boys disliked women being objectified in games.
  • Nobody cares about the gender of the protagonist: Boys care less about playing a male character and girls seem to care more about it as they age.
  • Most of them had never heard of Gamergate.

The authors of the survey made a point of saying this wasn’t definitive by any yardstick. But it makes sense, if you stop…

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