The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 20/21/22]

Published July 9, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Well now that we’re done (for now) with those Hunter assholes, let’s gtfo of here. There are more coming though so we’re either going to have to-well Joel used the shotgun. Good choice. Ellie was like OH FUCK and I was like…me too girl. Man they like traveled in a pack of 10.

This is making me want to write a story about a zombie apocalypse I tell you. I don’t like watching zombie movies but games like this and the Walking Dead are ok. They’re kind of calm, as in they focus more on the story than the actual dead people. And i’m fine with seeing zombies as long as there’s not 800 of them on a crowded city street, you feel?

Lying in wait, trying to get these fuckers scoped out to kill. Most of them are down so now let’s see what else we gave to do. Where are they going to go now since the car is busted. That’s the biggest questions. There’s another heavy garage door that they have to lift up. They have to put it down gently too so it doesnt make a lot of noise. We get a new weapon!


So good for other human enemies, not so much the zombies. The Hunters have a pile of people they just killed. Good job assholes. Joel says he’s been on both sides, so he as experience as a hunter himself. Ellie asks him if he’s ever killed innocent people and Joel’s just like. UGHH, so probably.

We just working through the Hunter’s hide out and we get to another upgrade station. So we get some upgrade clip capacity and other basic stuff, reload speed, etc. Finally they’re on the outside of the hideout and Joel sees a bridge which is their way out of the city. Ellie learns how to whistle! Good for her. There are some other people close by. At least 3 of them. They might be hunters but I’m not exactly sure. Oh yeah they’re hunters that worked with the highway crew that made Ellie and Joel crash. So now we got to kill these guys. Sneaking around a bunch of abandoned cars and being super stealthy. Joel decides to see what the trio of Hunters have planned. Nothing interesting really, just a bunch of banter but they might have something planned later? They don’t cause too much trouble and they leave rather quickly. This episode was pretty slow after we killed the first batch of hunters so let’s move on.

So the area is like a a pile up of cars close to the highway, probably where the Hunters dumped the rest fo the cars after they looted them. Ellie might be from Boston.  They come across a station where the military set up to hand out rations, control who came in/went out, etc. She asks why the military would’nt give people their rations and Joel says that it happened a lot. Military always seem to really want to deny the people they’re supposed to be “protecting” of their supplies and needs in games like these. But anyway Ellie says that it never happened in Boston, so maybe she’s from there or at least came from that direction. It would make sense since now they are in PA, so they’re traveling in the North East side of the US.

More Hunters. They’re bragging about killing / capturing a girl they had been chasing all night. Strangled one hunter, got hit twice with a bat by another before fending him off Ellie threw a brick at one of the guys! Look at her!! She has to find a fin to defend herself and Joel. The hunters have a nice little camp, those bastards. Strangles two more guys. Shooting most of the other ones. About maybe 10-15 in this area. It’s like they don’t stop coming. Instead of a hoard of zombies it’s a hoard of douchebag. He’s wasting a lot of ammo though. I’d try to go through my melee weapons first. Especially since the Hunters have a lot of melee weapons. I think they’re in a movie theater. Like there were old movie posters as soon as they went up the stairs. But of course when they got to the upper level there were more hunters. Idk if I prefer the Hunters or the zombies. I really hate zombies but I also really hate how shitty humans are. Like it would be so much more wise to stick together instead of fighting one another but I guess nobody every thinks that through. I know the Hunters carry ammo as well since they have guns but it doesn’t seem like much.

Alright third times a charm. these last two videos have been nothing but fighting against Hunters so nothing too exciting happened. Kind of bummed out by it since I really do like the more action filled parts this game has.  Half the game play is just waiting and being stealthy so I feel like it goes slower than it actually should go. Looks Like We’ve got ride of all the Hunters in the area. There’s more dialogue between Ellie and Joel so that usually means they’re in the clear for now. Also I found out that the Pills you collect along the way are used to upgrade yourself! I thought the pills were another form of like first aid or something but you actually use it to acquire better skills.


I would have definitely chosen Shiv Master and Healing Speed but that’s just me. A few craft things made, nothing too major. Oh Ellie and her jokes…

Finally went out the back exit, we learn about the people who rose up and were tired of the military’s shit and took action in their own hands. We see this in the form of 3 hung soldiers and a note on the wall.


Another small cutscene, ore Hunters. They’re doing something with a plank of wood or something? We’re still heading towards the bridge but theres another flooded area. The plank the Hunters were talking about now has to be moved so Ellie can cross the water. honestly this would be the shit I would run into during an apocalypse because I can’t swim at all. Joel finds another palet to get Ellie across and there are some weird random gun shot sounds coming from another direction. it might be Hunters fighting off clickers or runners. Hopefully they’ll get eaten. To stay safer they’re going to cut through a hotel. Ellie sets a plank up so Joel can cross from one truck onto a submerged bus. They get inside the hotel now and it’s not as pretty as it used to be. Another ladder conveniently nearby to get to higher places. Man those broken stairs are really dangerous. Ohh more hunters. Bill’s town was infected by runners and clickers, Philadelphia is infested with Hunters. There’s all these Hotel beds left and If it was me, after I cleared the area I would probably take a nap not gonna lie. But at least we’re done with this episode. Still fighting Hunters. I wonder how much longer this is going to take. I just want to get to the next area already.


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