The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 23/24]

Published July 9, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Sneaking around the hotel. Sneak Sneak Sneak.

Also we get a random flying body out of nowhereXD


I find it funny how health packs are literally just bandages. Still working our way through the hotel. Running around not sure where to go though so it’s a little strange. Finally got on the right track though. Going up some stairs now and we hear more Hunters. So it’s like we went to another floor of the hotel to encounter some more hunters. Choked out the first one, but tbh im ready to like skip all the hunter killing play by play. So we’ll move on for now and see if anything else happens this episode. Ok so some interesting things happened. Joel got attacked and Ellie actually stabbed the Hunter with a shiv so even though she doesn’t have weapons she can like still help you out a bit, which is good. Also there was an explosion, as if some of the Hunters threw a Molotov. Obviously we know they can use melee weapons and guns but im not sure if they can use the bomb like weapons. This is interesting. And we find out that it was a Hunter with Molotov, good to know that they can also use those.

Ok so after more running around we find a new mission-open elevator doors and climb through it. Because that seems not dangerous at all. they hope into the elevator and crawl into the shaft space then jump on another elevator. The noise the elevator makes is so scary i’m surprised it didn’t-well there we go. it just collapsed. Joel was trying to help Ellie up into the next floor and Joel fell straight down with the elevator shaft and then landed in some water (probably because the lower area/area surrounding the hotel is still flooded) The water is the only thing that saved him because that fall wouldve definitely killed him. Now Joel has to find a way back up to wear Ellie is. He’s like in a basement type area and as soon as he tries to open a door some of the ceiling collapses. Things are crumbling all over the place, doesn’t look good. There’s some ominous music happening too. So at least this is getting a it more interesting. Theres a gated door which blocks Joel’s so he has to find his way around it. Onto the next one.

Lots of diving and exploring beneath the water. Not sure where to go yet but at least we know what our mission is.Got to a place where theres more walking or like the water is so shallow that you can walk across. There was some weird noises that sounded like a hoard of bats of something but I couldn’t really tell. Joel finds a generator and all of a sudden a damn clicker comes out of nowhere. Like excuse you, no one invited you to the party you jerk. We try to get the generator started but there are a bunch of freakin’ clickers around everywhere. Geez! Like stop it! We’re trying to get this generator started. So the generator of course attracted more clickers but it had to have been useful for something, especially since it was still working.

THE WORST PART IS THAT THERE’S ANOTHER DAMN BLOATER. ugghhhh!! WTFF??!! I am panicking. there are clickers everywhere and it’s so hard to run from them. Not to mention huge freaking spores all over the place. The bloater doesnt even stop chasing you. I am scared. My nerves are so shot right not. I can’t handle this right now. There’s a door we can potentially go through but it needs a damn keycard. Wtf. Why are keycards still working at a time like this. Maybe we needed the generator to turn on the keycard swipe area because without it we couldn’t even get through that door. But GODDAMN THESE CLICKERS. I’m so scared rn. Here was the action i’ve been waiting for but jesus A CLICKER JUST SNUCK UP ON JOEL AND I PHYSICALLY JUMPED. Woooo boy. And then two of them gang up on you, it was a matter of time before Joel died.

So respawn time and Joel decided to not to on the generator. That might be for the best. Trying to search the are and find that keycard now. That area was really overwhelming but hopefullt not that the generator is off they wont come out. We found the keycard so that’s good. Now we can get to that door easily, except now i hear a damn clicker. I think you have to turn the generator on either way to again, get that keycard thing open? Maybe. Idk, more exploring. My nerves are shit. This has got to be the best part of the game so far. Ok generator’s on RUN-RUN RIGHT INTO A FUCKING BLOATER HOLY SHIT. THIS IS TOO SCARY. I can’t even. I am shitting bricks. hardcore bricks. I am screaming, my toes are curling finally got through the damn door!!! We are in the clear for a bit now. A new floor but it’s a bit more quiet.

We get to another work table which is awesome. Now we can upgrade. I keep saying we as if i’m playing but you know:P I hear a clicker nearby but i cant see it. WE get to another door that we swing open and bam end of the episode.

Phew. That was just too much for me. I need a smoke break man. -___-


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