The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 25/26/27]

Published July 10, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Whoa. So after that whole clicker fiasco we get some more humans, probably the hunters that went into the hoterl before Joel and Ellie did. It seems like they’re preoccupied with killing the clickers but you can never trust them. There were only two of them in this little kitchen area and a few more in teh next area. I love how when you throw bricks and stuff they don’t know what it is but assume the worse. I think it would be interesting to see if we find anymore people to actually join the group so everyone can work together. I mean it can get difficult when you have to make sure Ellie and this other person doesn’t die like when bill joined the team but they are really helpful. It’s so much more easy to get Hunters down than anything else. Less nervewrecking

Well where’s a ladder when we freaking need one.,Turns out it was right there in front of us. Shit you climb up that ladder and a damn hunter kicks Joel in the face and tries to drown him in this small pool of water. There’s a gun in the ruble and just as Joel is about to die, guess who shoots the hunte rin the freakin’ head- ELLIE!! Our little girl is growing up. Maybe now Joel will let her have a damn gun. She’s standing up to her grumpy gray dad though. hell yes! You go girl! Now they have to find a way out the hotel and get back towards that bridge, I’m guessing they’re on the other side of the Hotel now. used a piano to get to the upper level of the hotel where the exit might be,

FINALLY the great outdoors. Finally out that freaking hotel. and Ellie finally gets her gun! Aww cute, a father-daughter shooting assholes lessons. I live for these in zombie games. He finally game her praise too. UGHHH they are so cute together. I love family time<33

Well now the Hunters found out that their homies are dead. 5 dead in the main area where Joel went down to explored. Ellie is still at the top of the hotel window area where they came out of. She’s helping Joel with the backup. Now we just have to get around these dicks and kill them off. Brad had a good idea though. He restarted from his alst save point and created a nail boms so when all the hunters were crowded together to talk about their dead homies the bomb just exploded. That was pretty genius. Ellie’s shooting some of them, yass gurl! there are a few other still around that we have to get around. She’s got some great skills. I’m so proud of her. The hand to hand combat is pretty awesome too. Joel really knows how to sock it to these guys. I think there’s just a few left that we have to move around. Ohh new thing! Joel was able to take one of the Hunters hostage!! This is really awesome. I didn’t even know you could do that.

We’re almost in the clear though and getting towards the end of this episode. This is mostly just more of a Hunter fighting episode, finding the last of them around the corners. Looks like they’re done and Ellie can head down now, awesome. She did so well with the rifle!! Joel give her a handgun, so he’s trusting her more. Omg. I love them. They have suuuch a cute dynamic!

He’s so cute worrying about her taking off the safety when needed. I seriously love them.

They’re in another garage like area.Not sure where they need to go now but there’s another place they need to climb up. Alright, making progress. Whoo weapon upgrade table. Just a quick upgrade. Holy crap I think some Hunters just shot down some innocent people!! Just to try and get some food and shoes. Like I know times are hard but you just shot down innocent people for no fucking reasons. These guys are fucking horrible. This poor couple was just trying to run away, this is ridiculous. I wish we could kill every hunter in this damn game (i mean, we can but like you know what I mean.) The Hunters are trying to get Ellie and Joel, they’ve been searching for them ever since they crashed the truck. Well now that they’re in another building they have to deal with the Hunters following them and more hunter killing. This is a running theme in this game. Sometimes I feel like you have to worry more about the hunters than the zombies, i know i’ve said that before but the last time we had zombies was back at the hotel and once you got the keycard you didn’t really have to deal with them.

Also my computer crashed so even though WP has the restore draft option it didn’t restore everything that I wrote. So i forgot what was going on. Ok so they got out of the garage area and back out onto the town. Ran into more Hunters. Took the rest of the episode to take care of them and ended on a stock up of ammo, gears, etc. Nice.


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