The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 28/29]

Published July 11, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Tbh i always forget where I left off. I just remember they’re still trying to go to the bridge and the last 3 episodes were like hunter-centric. But we find a ladder-this time from a fire escape- and hoist ellie up to grab it. Almost to the bridge, hurray. Ellie mentions Boston again, so she has to be from there. There’s a truck in the distance so I’m guessing we have to deal with more hunters. This douchebag hunter doesn’t want t share his 24 cans of bacon. Also my o key is acting up on my computer. I keep having to slam down on it to get it to print so if some words don’t have o’s i apologize. I’m trying to catch all the mistakes. I was able to take the key off and get the tiny dust bunny that was there so i think that fixed the problem!

Anyway Joel and Ellie get to the Hunters and they kill off two of them but they have a tank outside which has a machine turret on top of it. I have no idea how they’re going to get around that. Oh ok, so there’s like places Joel can hide behind but I meant that turret is constantly shooting, how are they going to get outside. Also there’s some really great detail in that the bullet holes from the turret show up on the surrounding furniture. That’s amazing. There was a back way so they avoided going straight towards the turret but it seems to know where they are. This is really strange. I can’t tell if it’s like an automated turret but even with hiding behind a police car, the turret came after them. They can kind of duck through buildings but it’s still following them. There’s also other Hunters so you have to deal with constant bullets and these other douchebags shooting at you and hitting you. I just want to know how the hell they are going to freaking get past this damn turret. The bullet sounds are actually getting on my nerves. I really want them to be done with this stupid truck. At least the truck ran into a gate so it can’t go past that and chase them. So maybe that’s the way around it. Just to like sneak behind it. But iy still follows you. This is the most annoying AI ever. We got into a building with some stairs and it’s helping to keep the bullets at bay for now. I don’t think the machine can hit or shoot bullets aerially, so they can only shoot n ground level. And after getting to higher ground we finally lost them! Thank god. that turret is fucking annoying. We get into some apartment building and find some equipment and stuff. The truck passed by again but because Joel was like n a high level there was no shooting. He was walking along the outside of the building. He jumps into the window and there’s a cutscene.

A guy attacks him and Joel fights him but there’s a young kid holding a gun. More survivors! Finally cool people. Henry and Sam! Yay. They got ambushed by hunters and Ellie wants to join up with them and I agree. Like I understand during the apocalypse there are some two faced people that will be nice to you and then go and steal your supplies but honestly if someone needs help why don’t you help them? If i found survivors that were willing to take me in and vice versa i would stick with them. There are pros and cons to all of this but my bottom line is that Henry and Sam seem like cool people. It actually just looks like an older brother trying to protect his younger sibling because Sam is possibly the last person he has left. And I like Henry’s voice actor:) off to the hideout!

Sam is so precious, apologizing for “the whole gun thing” Wow they’re all the way from Connecticut. Is that far from PA? I’m geographically challenged. Molotov got upgraded so the fire is 1.5 wider. This house has some ugly art lol. More supplies, there are a lot of supplies in this apartment building. It’s so cute how Joel keeps picking up comics for Ellie. It’s so cute. The machine passed by again but they’re able to avoid it. Poor Sam wants a little transformer toy but Henry has a rule about only taking what they need. Pfft and here Ellie and Joel are getting comics lol. I would’ve taken that transformer toy. Oh now they exit the toy store and go out the back, running into more hunters. At least Henry is with them so he might provide for more backup. I think I saw about 3 or 4 of them. There are two close by and one by where Henry is hiding. This is a tough spot. they’re surrounded the area so it’s really hard to like figure out where to go to sneak up behind them and grab the,. I would try and wait until they’re close by to try and bomb them. it’s  Henry took out one of them, shot gun to the head of another, and a freaking long waiting nail bomb finally exploded. Well that’s done. Pfft I was wrong, nevermind, more are coming. But the shot gun have been taking care of them easily. We finally get to the hideout and Sam asks Ellie how old she is. I feel like he might like her but then Ellie’s gonna be like nah son, I’m gay. 😛

Their hideout is an office suite….ok. How secure is this? oh wait it’s located further behind the office in a smaller room. The CEO’s office. Fancy. Luckily they have some food. The hunters guard the bridge during the daytime but at night it’s more scare so they’re looking to jump the gun at night. Ellie and Same are having fun! it’s so cute. At least they’re making friends. I love the way Henry’s animated. I think it’s so nice. He just seems to real. But now it’s going to be time to escape the city!!


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