The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 30/31]

Published July 12, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Few more episodes to go! Down to 25! Now it’s going to be time for them to escape the city and take down those stupid hunters. First time that Joel has really gotten to sleep. I’m happy for him. This is really nerve wrecking for them. I hope that everything goes smoothly. Brad was even like I have a feeling that people are going to start dying soon and I was like me too, gurl. me too. But I hope they don’t die. I really like Henry and Sam. Henry has my fave animation other than ellie’s face. Took down two hunters real quick, great teamwork with Henry. Now they have to get out of the office building and head towards the gate. The hunter have like a light set up to sweep the street, similar to how the governor had in front of his town in the Walking Dead. The hunters however hear a clicker as theyre sweeping the light. Trying to stay out of the spotlight so we dont get caught but shit they got spotted. Dammit. Able to shoot the light out though so theres more coverage. Brad got killed and so he had to start over:P

They snuck close to the bridge gate but since it’s closed you dont really have a choice. But Joel was spotted again so they had to start fighting. I think there were like 5 of them but more are coming. Everyone’s dead now so yeah. You have to clear the hunters out before opening the gate. It’s not even locked it’s just a like a heavy double door. They close it just as the damn armored truck with the turret show up but There are more hunters behind the door. Good thing Henry takes them out real quick. Somethings about to happen. henry’s about to die. I can feel it. I think the truck is coming. He’s on top of a stationed truck behind the doors but I swear, i got a bad feeling about this. I don’t know if i’m prepared for this. I’m stalling. I totally don’t want to press play and see Henry or Sam to die. Ok so that was a big false alarm. Henry and SAm just left. Goddamn. Joel was the only one not to get on top of the truck and the two of them just left. I have a feeling we wont see the last of them though. But Ellie and joel are sticking together and they go and hide in a garage area right as the damn turret truck comes. So Safe for now.

Got one of them with a Molotov and Ellie was taking them down!!! I’m so proud of her!!! She’s such a badass. I love her. So we got around the first group, in a restaurant. They get out and have to run really fucking fast because the damn turret truck just came through again! SHIT SHIT SHIT. this is intense!!! Theres a hole in the freaking bridge are you kidding me?!!! The truck is there. they don’t have much of a choice. Shit’s gonna happen. Dear god. I’m scared. Ellie goes and jumps into the water below and the waves are harsh. he grabs onto Ellie but then hits….Hits his head? But Henry and Sam are back!!!Joel is mad obviously but I can see why Henry left. He straight up says that he was worried about his brother and I don’t blame him. Henry’s smart and I know he’s a great guy. He wouldn’t just leave Joel for the hell of it. And Henry did save them from drowning. I hope he sticks around. I love Henry.

Now it’s time to find the radio tower.

Detail on that boat is perfect. i’m just in love with the animation. And to think like a few decades in the future this will be like old technology and things will look so much better. I mean its already 3 years after this game and things are looking better. Finding lots of little supplies around this beach area. Finally Ellie and Joel agree on sticking with Henry and Sam. And then Ellie asks Joel if he had a boat and the way he responds is so sarcastic and perfect. he’s starting to get more of a personality. I can’t wait until he like keeps softening up. he already did a little when he taught Ellie to shoot.

Oh they found a sewer. Gross. I dont want to go through that. This is just nasty. oh god. I bet it smells rank as fuck in there.  There a fork in the sewer so the brothers check one side E&J take the other. Ellie crawls through a small gate and opens a gated fence thing. There’s some stuff down here, a few supplies, didn’t really know things could be like down in a sewer. I think someone lived down there to avoid what was going on above ground. Now we’re just going around exploring the sewers. Theres a generator and a gross water full of sewer shit. Ewwww. There was a gate that was jammed but we solved the problem right quick. So now Joel is on the other side of the gate. there’s all this nature stuff out here too. I can’t tell if they’re outside of its just growth in the sewer. THERE’S A FUCKING CLICKER I HEAR THAT BASTARD. Joel found a palette he can use to ferry Ellie across but fuck there was a very loud sound and I swear that clicker and a bunch of others are going to come. That was just way too much noise. But everyone was able to water. I don’t trust it. That clicker is going to come. I feel it. Something gonna happen. It’s way too quiet and we did see the clicker so hes there. Oh shit locker door and there are some strange noises. People were living in the sewers though, there’s evidence of that.

I feel like we’re going to run into some trouble real quick. I’m so nervous. New gun though! yay. Hopefully its useful. Bombs are upgraded. Onto the next episode which i don’t have a good feeling about since it’s entitled separated.


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