The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 32/33/34}

Published July 12, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

I thinking of watching the new MKX playthrough when I’m done with this. It should be really quick and then I can watch Bioshock Infinite. But anyway there are infected in this damn sewer. There are like 4 of them jesus! And a clicker! I hear it! The sewers aren’t even safe. People down here got infected. Nowhere is safe. And there was a rotted body alright. But we got past that fairly easy. Few shotgun rounds.

This sewer is like a giant labryinth. I mean are all sewers this elaborate? I’ve never-Oh shit Joel set off a trap that got him stuck with Sam. A heave safety gate or something. Shit Clickers. Henry and Ellie had to move. Theres literally like 7 or 8 clickers!!! Shit I hope they’re safe. Fuck another infected is close to Sam and Joel. there are a lot of them. Joel’s taking care of them pretty easy with his gun but there are a fucking lot. Cut a bitch’s head off with a damn machete though. God this is scary. You can hear the fucking hoard of them. It’s so creepy. Ok so the ones were dealing with i think are people starting to become clickers, they might not be clickers yet? Is that a thing in this game? They’re female ones and the ones we usually see are males, they usually have the large protrusions from their head. But they’re charging really fast so I’m not sure what these ladies are. It might honestly just be a mix of infected and clickers really. This is so intense right now. There are more coming now. Tools level three, good. These people had elaborate rooms, well elaborate for an apocalypse, they took mattresses and shelves down to the sewer. That’s crazy. Even cribs and a childrens area. This is crazy. THERE BETTER NOT BE KID INFECTED I SWEAR. I HATE CHILDREN, ESPECIALLY CHILD GHOST, SUPERNATURAL THINGS, ETC. The area is quiet, Joel and Sam meet up with Ellie and henry and they have to run from clickers. luckily there’s a door that will hold them off for a bit until they try and find another way out. Sam crawled though and opened up a gate. He’s branching out and doing things on his own, good for him!. I have no idea where they can go. The door is stuck but they haul Ellie up through a small window and henry hauls Sam up as well. Henry is such a good brother. Fuck the clickers and infected are here There’s a handful of them! Damn. Molotov cocktails all around though and a few of them burned. But more keep coming but they got the door open! Whooo! they are safe! that was a close one.

That was intenseeeee. Now they have to go through some damn woods or something? This is a heavily wooded area. Closer to the radio tower now so that’s good. Now there’s some houses around here so we can scope things out and maybe get some supplies. There are doggies! I knew I heard dogs. Poor babies. I can’t believe Ellie doesn’t know what a ice cream truck is. This makes me feel old! Like who do you not know what an ice cream truck is??!! Upgrading some weapons. Are animals immune to the spores or like the dogs just not in areas with spores so they’re not infected. That’s a good question.

CUTSCENE. Sniper ahead! Who is this guy??? A hunter? some regular jackoff? SOunds like a dick. He’s just being an asshole I guess. They might be hunters. This snipers a dick. Why would u waste ammo just shooting at some regular guy??? Idiots.Now this whole episode is about this sniper who wont shut the hell up with his repeated AI speech. It’s taking like the rest of this episode to get close to the snipe and shoot him, traveling though and behind houses and stuff.

Hopefully we can kill this fucker soon. We’re getting closer but running low on supplies. We get into a room and this bastard comes at at with a shiv but Joel shanks his bitch ass to death! Noiiiceee. Now we get to be a sniper as the rest of the gang run towards the house. Reloading is a bitch on this damn gun though. THAT FUCKING TURRET RUCK GODDAMIT YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES. I want to blow up this damn truck. I’m so tired of it. I just realized we have unlimited ammo again. fINALLY THIS LITTLE FUCKER POPS OUT THE TOP OF THE TANK. Time to kill him. I’m so ready. This truck is so annoying. Finally yes!!!!! We got em! thank god! dammit some more hunters came out real quick but now there are some infected coming. shit. This just got fucking worse. Dammit it all to hell. Theres a damn hoard of them now. Not hoard-MOB- AND THEY ARE TRAPPED IN THIS HOUSE. Shit. Well there was a back way out the house so that was a little anticlimatic.

They found some food and some heat to cook it so they’re having a dinner, how cute:) God i love Henry. I feel like i’m getting attached to him and its gonna be bad. His animation and way he moves is just so nice. Now Sam and Ellie are having a moment. Something’s up with Sam. Ok not to be weird but like does Ellie have her period? Or is she going to get it? Like this is things I always think about during the apocalypse. She got him the transformer!!!! Awwww ❤ Sam got bit, I knew it. When they got attacked I knew something was up! Shit… This isn’t going to be good. Poor Henry. Now Ellie has to wake up Sam and I’m afraid he’s going to be infected. Oh i’m so sad. I’m gonna cry. GODDAMIT I TRIED NOT TO GET ATTACHED. i FEEL so bad for Henry…that was all he had left. FUCK THEN HENRY KILLED HIMSELF.

God I don’t even know what to say. Like you know this shit happens, every single time but it always catches you off guard you know? Henry felt he had nothing left to live for. His brother was his whole life. Man if that shit happened to my sister I have no idea what I’d do… I can’t even watch anymore. I’m done for tonight. 20 more episodes to go… Fall.


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