The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 35/36/37]

Published July 13, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Ahh What  great day to realize your favorite characters are dead. Isn’t this great? Dead brothers-DEAD BROTHERS…. Anyway, it’s fall. We’re in a forest area heading towards Tommy’s. Oh they were like in Jackson County or something so I’m thinking either Ohio or Florida. Not sure where exactly. There’s some tension between Joel and Tommy and hopefully Tommy will help them. There’s a hydroelectric power plant? I mean that’s pretty cool especially since all other electricity is down and this uses a natural source of energy, Found a secret area with lots of supplies in this power plant. I’m just going to call it a power plant. We’re trying to get across to another side of this river area and we can’t swim because the waves are too strong. The current will just take you. So we have to maneuver to a place of calmer water and of course Joel has to find a palette for Ellie. theres a wooden palette under the water.

Looks like a house type thing sunk underwater. I don’t know but hey we got a palette. This is a short episode and it’s kind of slow but they got across the river. They’re bantering and bonding and this is literally the best thing ever, They’re so cute!!. We got the powerplant map and I googled where Jackson County could possible be at and got North Carolina, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Colorado, Oregon, so honestly they could be anywhere. My top 2 areas would be Illinois and Ohio since they are both close to PA, where we last left off. But NC is kind of close to, if they wen’t south. So let’s see. Whoa, got a new gun, El Diablo. Lol. It has like a sniper attachment thing. Like you know what I mean, you can zoom in and shot better. Oh wow we get to a gate and as Joel’s tryng to open it there are people already in there!WE FOUND TOMMYYYYYYYY. UNCLE TOMMMM. Tommy has a wife!!! omgggg. And now we get to go inside to safety!

Lots of bandits in the area. They were trying to get the plant back up and running but a turbine went out. They had electricity and are looking for ways to get it back up and running. Ohhh they’ve got ponies! How cute. Tommy has to check to see if the turbines will be back and Joel goes with him. it’s the first time that Ellie has been like away from him for awhile (minus the time in the sewers) but this is like, Joel saying it’s alright. Not that they were forced to separate. Tommy gives Joel a picture of him and his daughter and i am just sobbing. oh god. Joel gives it back though. it just must be too much to much for him. Poor Gray Dad.

Maria and her father started the town and now they have 20 families in there. They even got construction workers and everything. The turbine’s up and running! Yay, now we got electricity. This will be great especially with fall getting colder and stuff. Now joel is going to talk to Tommy, probably about Ellie and Firefly stuff maybe. And I realized that the place we started in was in Boston, so that’s why Ellie kept mentioning it. Now these dumb brothers are arguing. I hope they can figure out something soon. Joel doesn’t plan on staying but if it were me I’d try to stay. I don’t want them to fight but they get interrupted by some bandits that have infiltrated the plant. Now some of Tommy’s people are gonna die, there’s already a dead construction worker. These bandits are everywhere, it’s ridiculous. Smoke bombs upgraded. Bandits are breaking into the building where Ellie and Maria are so this is bad. I don’t think she took a weapon with her. She told Ellie to hide. They’ve surrounded the building and everyone is firing , We’re all low on ammo except for pistol rounds. We’re getting some good headshots though for the most part. Slow going as we just try and take these guys out and stuff. Btw throwing bricks at these AI’s give me life. And now that the path to the building is clear we can move on.

Now they have to try and find Ellie and Maria.There are more guys inside the building so Ellie and Maria are probably hiding. Hopefully we didn;t really like loose anyone important. Ok so we found the girls. Tommy sees how Joel and Ellie interact with each other after the raid and I think he reconsiders keeping Ellie but Maria doesn’t agree with it. Maria’s pissed because she thinks-well she’s afraid she’ll loose Tommy. I don’t blame her. But it looks like Tommy is going to direct them to where the Fireflies are. Or like Tommy is going to take her by himself but anyway, Ellie steals a horse and takes off. Tommy and Joel take two horses and try and follow Ellie’s tracks. It’s so cool because you get to ride a horse!! Pony up bitch.

It’s just a matter of trying to find Ellie now and how to get around some obstacles. They keep finding more horse tracks so they might find Ellie easier. Joel is stupid though. They’re like why would Ellie run away, uh dumbass she’s hurt. You just passed her onto your brother without really telling her and she started to care about you. Men are idiots.

They run into some bandits so I’m hoping they didn’t catch Ellie or anything. I keep thinking Tommy is a bandit sometimes! He just sneaks up behind you. It trips me out. But anyway back to the horses. Time to find Ellie again. There’s a ranch nearby and they spot the horse that Ellie took. There’s like a house thing where they find Ellie and she answers all calm and shit. Like you little shit! You could’ve been hurt! What they hell you doing running off like that! Seriously. Cutscene!

She is giving that 14 year old sass. She brought up Sarah O.O. Holy shit. But Joel is all like you know nothing about loss. Damn right she does! She lost her fucking girlfriend Joel! She trusted you because you were the only one that didn’t leave her. Goddamn. I’m crying again.

You’re right, you’re not my daughter, and I sure as hell ain’t your dad. And we are going our separate ways.


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