The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 38/39/40]

Published July 14, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

I really can’t deal with crying over this game every two seconds. Jesus. I didn’t even cry this much during the Walking Dead (I think). Now bandits are in the house, great timing assholes. But we got rid of them, back to the ponies. I don’t blame Ellie’s sass. I feel for her. I really do. Ok Tommy says that the Firefly lab is in Eastern Colorado so they have to be close to there. They might be in Illinois possibly. But Joel does the best thing he can do! He’s gonna stay with Ellie. I’m so happy and the look on Ellie’s face is priceless. She seems happy too. I’m so happy. Happy tears now. And now we’re heading towards the University. So they were actually in Colorado this whole time because they’re still traveling by horse. Joel is being cute and teaching Ellie about football and they name the horse Callus. I like that name. We’re inside the University and just as we get inside Callus gets upset. There are runners around. And since Joel wants to keep the horse and doesn’t want it to freak out (and assuming that the runners will eat the horse ala the first episode of the Walking Dead) he goes off to find the runners and kill them.


Wow there are 6 runners like right there. This is NOT going to be easy. Man i would’ve turned off my PS3 and been like Bye Felicia. Strangled one of them. We did have a Molotov cocktail and I think they all caught on fire so…well that was easy. Good thing they were in one place. Another generator to try and get a gate open I think. It’s a gate to another area, not sure which area though. We got the gate to open and Ellie and Callus come on through. Apparently when Joel was younger he wanted to be a singer. Now I want to hear him sing lol. He probably has a grumpy country voice. Man this campus is big. Like my campus is big but I can only imagine this damn thing being full of infected. There are monkeys running around??? Like probably from the science lab but that’s fucking weird. we’re in some dormroom looking for stuff, some spores in one of the rooms and a gaping hole in the floor. We jump down and theres a fucking clicker. I really hate these bastard. Wow theres like 3 of them. I want to test out this flamethrower badly lol. And I saw a fourth one. So 4 clickers. Shived one of them so now down to 3. Making shivs.

Shived another one. There are just too many to keep up with. Fucking bastards. Fuck theres a GODDAMN BLOATER. What are you doing here you little shit?! Big shit really. I hate bloaters. I don’t think anyone likes bloaters. Like they’re just a pain in the ass. Mostly just shiving and being stealthy. That Bloater is the worse. I think maybe they can smell but i’m not sure. Like how do they always manage to find you even if you’re being stealthy af. I wonder if the flamethrower makes a lot of noise. IDK SINCE BRAD HASN’T FUCKING USED IT YET. I’m still waiting for this but I think all the extra clickers are dead and I think all that’s left is the bloater. And looking at the wiki the most effective way to kill them is with the Flamethrower. So get to it. Though this one is actually a bloater that is optional so you don’t have to fight it. But Brad is having a hard time finding the way like out? I don’t see any stairs or anything. Well yet. This one seems to have a set pattern of where it goes. So you have to wait for it to walk past and there theres a door that get stuck. So not only do you freak out because you have to button mash but this fucker starts walking towards you and my nerves were just going crazy!

Luckily Joel blocks the door and is able to find the stairs at last.

Oh right so the whole point of that was to open the gate so ellie could get in with the horse.  The huge gates block off areas and Joel has to like find ways to get Ellie though. SO still searching for the science building. I wonder how long we keep the horse…

I think we made it to the science building but there a locked gate. Big surprise. I just find it so fucking weird that Ellie was born 5 years into this apocalypse and has no idea what a fucking university is. Like that just honestly blows my mind. I understand that practically everything is destroyed but how did she learn to read? How long were her parents with her. I just NEED TO KNOW. So many things are left unexplained. But anyway we have to get around this stupid locked gate.

Moving a dumpster for something. Well it slide down the hill and crashed open the gate. so that’s good. We’re leaving Callus behind and I don’t like that. What if he gets eaten?! But we’re finally in the science building.

I bet everyone’s dead.

And going to this science building was a waste of time.

Ohhh shit heard a noise upstairs.Who or what’s up there? Another noise but we can’t figure out where it’s coming from. Ok so maybe there’s like 1 person that’s still alive. Maybe. Or some…monkeys. They were fucking monkeys. Dammit. Poor little guys. They were testing on monkeys of course. Good job science. I fucking hate animal testing and this just makes me even more upset. We get to a door that was blocked. Theres a skeleton inside and another tape recorder. The FireFlies are gone but now they’ve got to head to fucking UTAH.


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