The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 41/42/43/44]

Published July 15, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Some sniper person saw them in the lab. Probably more bandits or something. I hope Callus is ok. Yep bandits. Why do they feel the need for this. At least the flame thrower is cooooolll. Finally used it on a dumbass bandit. Damn Ellie shived a guy hardcore. You go girl! But anyway just taking care of business. Using the flamethrower to our advantage. I got scared because some douchebag bandit kicked the door in right before Joel was going to open it and it had been pretty calm for the last couple of minutes, you know just regular shooting and killing. Man I jumped up so fast. He pushed u against a glass guard railing and when you shove him off you Joel falls from the second floor and a pipe goes threw his stomach. SHITTTTTTT. Not good at ALLLLL. fUCK THIS IS SCARY. Ellie manages to pull his off but like that’s teatanus right there man. How is he gonna make it?! Like i dont understand. I’m so worried. Like they don’t have supplies for this shit. What’s he gonna do? I’m so worried right now. I’m seriously like just at a lost. He’s gonna pass out soon and he’s being such a hard ass. Joel is trying so hard. He did it. He passed out and omg Ellie shot them all. You go girl! I’m so proud of her. She is a fucking trooper. She is honestly the best 14 year old ever. Idk what it is about zombie games and teenage girls kicking ass but keep doing it lil mamas. Now they have Callus, it’s starting to snow. They have to head to Utah. What is even happening. he is going to die. This is not good at all. here come the tears just as we enter Winter.

Ellie’s hunting. That rabbit animation was so good but I knew someone was going to kill it so I didn’t watch. I bet you Joel is holed up somewhere in like a place they found and Ellie is out hunting for food for the both of them. Wait I think we’re actually playing as Ellie. Oh shit. This is cool but we’re just like hunting animals. and I’ve played hunting games before but I don’t really like seeing it, especially since this game has really good graphics. The first part is just trying to kill this poor moose/elf/deer animal. It does lead Ellie to a new area. Like a broke down fucking house barn thingy. So far ellie just has like a bow and arrow I’m not sure if she has any other weapons. Well the poor thing died. Wonder how her small ass is gonna carry that thing back. Oh new characters. David and James. They want to trade Ellie for some of the meat, the first thing she says is medicine so Joel is definitely alive. She wouldn’t need medicine otherwise.They seem like pretty cool people though. I’m hoping they will be of some help if Ellie isn’t such a dick the whole time. Fuck a clicker. David had another gun though lol. He helps take out the clicker but there are a lot more coming. This is gonna be bad.

I think there are mostly runners. They’re making a lot of noise so they’re not that bad. Damn more are coming and fast. Now theres another clicker but mostly runners. Ohh had our first scene of Ellie dying. She really doesn’t have a lot of ammo. She’s good at the shiv though and a few of the dead ones have ammo. This is a really tough area though. They come from all around  the house thing. I’m hoping that Jame isn’t going to run into these people or ran into them going back to the camp. Man they just keep coming!!

Still with David. I think this might have been a factory or something. that’s what it looks like. She falls through a gated bridge walkway thing and more clickers are coming so David has to run. She got down to an underground area but the clickers can follow her to the underground area, I just saw one jump down. These clickers are super sneaky though. You kill one and another will sneak up right behind you. Like more so that ever before. David found a door though so I’m hoping they’ll run into James or something. We need to get to a ladder to get out the door or whatever, the usually find a ladder business. Get the ladder, up the ladder, following David. There is just a crazy as infected just screaming her fucking head off. Like calm yo tits bro. well we’re gonna be in this factory thing just for a little bit longer.

Now some infected have found their way in to the area David and Ellie are at so it’s time to fight. This is ridic. They are coming from every angle. They’re apparently on the roof and finding ways to come in. Plus there are some Clickers mixed in. I swear everything is going wild as all hell. This is like a really intense raid. I haven’t been doing anything for hours but watching this. I have 10 more episodes to go an a DLC. It’s gonna get done tonight!

They just don’t stop man. Two nail bombs down. That slowed it down a bit but I think there’s a fucking bloater. I remember reading about him. I don’t think he’s optional. I think you have to fight him. Yep you most def have to fight him. This is not looking good at all. I’m hoping there will be some back up. Like James heads back to camp and tells people to come with him. They need backup and fast. I think Brad’s already died like 4 times and that’s just the times he’s chosen to show. There are probably much more than that. This is super stuff. if I was playing this myself I’d probably be stuck here for months. That happened to me with Fatal Frame. Shit@ We finally got the bloater! He got into a nail bomb and then there was a shot. Ohhh I think we’re in the clear! Shit! Thank god. That was really tough.

OHHHHHHHHH SHIT. DAVID…HE KNOWS WHO ELLIE IS. She and Joel killed some of his people. This is…THEY HAVE PROBABLY BEEN HUNTING THEM. OMG…. SHIT. I though they were gonna be good peoples. Damn. But David let her have the medicine. Probably because they still need the deer. Man that was fucked up. Super scary. I don’t know what scared me more. David saying he knew who she was or the whole bloater/infected thing. But I was right. Joel and Ellie are staying in a house and Joel is still alive. She managed to stitch him up but he’s still not looking to great. He got his first shot of penicillin though. They must be freezing half to death. Joel really doesn’t look good. And Freaking Ellie sleeps on the cold basement floor while Joel is on a mattress. She’s a fucking trooper. But it looks like David is back and probably not going to be as nice this time around. Ellie decides that she’s going to draw them away from the house she has Joel holed up in. I’m hoping she’ll come back soon. Joel won’t last much longer. I’m surprised he lasted this long.


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