The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 45/46/47]

Published July 16, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Let’s do this.

She get’s on Callus and gently tries  ride out but a guy grabs her. They’re gonna try and kill Callus omg. I don’t want Callus to die. I really hope they don’t shoot him. But they had the whole town surrounded. And just like I expected they shoot that poor baby in the head. I’m so fucking pissed. Fuck David. Fuck him and his people. I’m glad Joel and Ellie killed your guys because they were dicks and I hope they kill him too! I’m so upset. Ellie is running towards some cabins or whatever adn they are just coming for her. What jackasses. No one cares that this is a 14 year old go practically out on her own now that Joel’s hurt. I mean guaranteed no one really knows that but still. Like first of all, sorry your bitch ass friends got taken out by a 14 year old, they must have been regulars at Weenie Hut General but c’mon. You’re purposefully like tracking her down to kill her. Don’t you have better shit to do with your life??

She got a few of them down with her shot gun but more are coming. Dude she shot a gun with the shotgun at super close range and his intestines came out. Awesome. But we just have to like clear out our immediate surrounding. There’s a nature track. They’re by like some kind of resort area, kind of. There was a ferry, a snack shack and a bunch of cabins. But it’s calmed down just enough for Ellie to put some distance between herself and the rest of the guys.

So far so good. Oh we found a big pipe thing and went through it. No one really seems to be around, yet. Another pipe but something was blocking it. Ellie manages to move it though and head through the other pipe. I think that she’s heading back towards the house Joel is in. But now I hear some other guys  and we see one. Phew a couple are right near by but she manages to shiv one. threw a nail bomb and took them out. Sweet! The blood in the snow is really pretty too.

She moving a dumpster to get inside a house resort thingy? Yeah I think this is like a resort, there a cash register and restaurant area. We’ll probably encounter some more people-yep they know that we’re inside the lodge. Some stairs are caved in so if we wanted to get on the upper level we’d- THIS ASSHOLE JUST PUNCHED HER IN THE FACE. What kind of shit. Ungrateful mother fuckers I swear. Man i love seeing Ellie take these fuckers out. They totally deserve it. Knifed that fucker. You know we haven’t seen any military in awhile. It’s just been Hunters and infected for a long time. I wish she had more melee weapons like Joel had. She only has her little knife. These guys don’t even have melee weapons. They’re mostly punching and trying to strangle. She found an exit though so hopefully we can get out. Fucking David grabbed her from behind and choked her out just as she was trying to escape! What the hell does he want. He’s so weird. I don’t trust him. he put her in a fucking cage adn they are chopping up people!!!! Oh god is this where the cannibals come in. There’s always fucking cannibals. She better not ear that food. There’s like a person in there. No way. Stop it David. Lying ass saying its deer. He says it’s not human so ellie eats it but he probably tricked her ass. Poor thing was hungry.

But still this bastard is just weird. He wants to like keep her or have her join the group or something. I swear he’s a molester or something but Ellie knows what’s up she’s a smart cookie. She broke that fucker’s finger and tried to take his keys. Man i love this kid. I hope to be like half the badass she is.

Ellie. Tell them that Ellie is the little girl that broke your fucking finger!

Back to Joel though. He woke up. I thought he was okay to move, like he can move a little but he’s still in pain. Now we go back to playing as Joel. I’m guessing that he’s going to try and find Ellie now. But he’s like ok to move and I guess shoot at people. He’s still struggling to walk in like cutscenes and stuff but he’s moving just like slower. he just shouted out her name and I was like DUDE JOEL DON’T YELL. But I think everyone of David’s guys have cleared out for the most part.

Well we found some stragglers. People are shooting. Now we have to deal with these fuckers. I’m just mad. I’m mad at this entire game now. Fucking cannibals always gotta be in here. Like it seems so cliche. Like this game had such an original way to deal with zombies and then you have the typical power hungry fucker who eats people. I’m guessing most of this part will be just Joel trying to fight them off. He’s got to find the dead horse sometime and probably head in the right direction. we’re almost done with this episode.He can jump over windows and shit, damn someone caught him but Joel was able to kick, smash and take a hostage. So he’s healed up decently for the most part. He’s doing some old school torture and interrogation. Papa lubs his daughter. I think he just popped some guys kneecap off then broke his neck. Damn Joel is brutal. He is so badass. Oh god I think they’re gonna chop up Ellie but she saves herself saying that she’s infected.

At least being infected is useful for something. And she did just bite David so now he’ll believe her. She is literally so smart and amazing. She managed to get away from those bastards! Don’t worry Ellie, grumpy dad will be there soon!


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