The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 48/49/50/51]

Published July 16, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Back to playing as Ellie. She’s still getting chased by David. She doesn’t really have any weapons. I think just maybe her knife but that’s it. Telling them that she was infected saved her life once but now it’s just going to get her killed. Well not really since we’re trying to survive as Ellie but you know what I mean-she’s a bigger target now. but she does have her knife and can sneak up behind people and knife them. We did that and got a revolver. So now we have a gun.

This is a little bit hard since you have to wait for all of them to be separate to knife them. The snow is so beautiful in this game. I feel cold just watching it. And she only has like a light jacket on. But the snow is really fucking up our vision. It would be hard as hell to try and shoot a round in all this snow flurry. I mean perfect for realism but a bitch and a half for game play. It’s hard to even see where she’s going,. I’m thinking that the only good thing about the snow is that maybe they can’t see you as much as we can’t see them. There’s this dumb bell ringing too. Fuck some how they ended up seeing her and it was a damn firefight. At least theres some ammo from the dead bodies so we got some more ammo for the revolver. It’s so hard to determine where you should go. I can barely see what the hell is going on. But I think we got where we needed to go which seems to be a steakhouse. Fucking David found her!!

That bastard! I can’t wait for this guy to die. I think it’s like an actual boss fight and you have to kill him but how. we have such limited supplies. Oh we were able to sneak up and knife him  a bit but hes got a machete and is so freaking hard to kill. I  really don’t know how to deal with this. One hit with his machete and you are dead.

Man i had to read up on like some strategy on the wiki, there isn’t much on there it just kind of details what’s going to happen. At least I was right about David being a gross molester. This battle is going to take forever though. I know it. Oh ok, the restaurant already caught fire so now it’s just a matter of time. We managed to get another quick knife attack in. You have to really hit him and run. You can’t stay around him after you attack or else you’re done for. Got another one in! but then it freaking switches back to Joel. It keeps the tension up but damn. But at least Joel is in the town and Joel has to kill the rest of the guys that are like around the town. Not gonna like I really just want to go back and see what’s going on with Ellie and David. I mean the freaking restaurant is on fire. I don’t have time to see Joel like kill these basic bitches. Joel enters a room and finds Ellie’s backpack. Probably all the stuff they took from people they killed. Yeah he runs into their human meat locker. I wonder if the people in the camp realize it’s human or if he continues to lie to them, but anyway-back to Ellie.

She’s slowly coming to but I have no idea where David is. You can pick up his machete though. She’s slowly crawling towards it but David kicks her. That child molesting bastard. omg is he gonna rape her now, he’s got her pinned down but Ellie gets the machete and she BASHES THAT MUTHERFUCKERS HEAD IN. FUCK YES. FUCK YES ELLIE!


OH GOD THIS PART GOT ME REAL GOOD. HE CARES SO MUCH ABOUT HER. OH GOD. He loves her so much, you can just tell how much he loves her.

Now it’s spring and they’re in Utah.

He’s even offering to teach her guitar. But I think that since they’re getting close to the lab, Ellie feels like their time is up and Joel will split up from her which is something she doesn’t want. Joel seems to be doing so much better now. he’s walking regularly now. She’s acting really strange, i think she’s just stalling as much as she can. Ellie sees a Giraffe though, omg look at that little baby.


look how precious they all are. She so excited. I would be too. I fucking love Giraffes. Like they’re one of my fave animals Omg there are more of them. Theres a little herd. Ahh it’s so cute. I love them so much. Joel’s giving her options which means he doesnt want her to leave either. Oh god they love each other so much. So many feels.

He said he’s not leaving with out her. Oh god. I love gray dad. Ellie took the picture of Joel and Sarah and this time he took it. You know he wanted it. You know he wanted to see his baby girls face one more time, it’s just so hard to see her after she died. Oh shit theres some bloaters around her. I know these are optional since theres like three of them in here. There’s bloaters and regular infected too. All over the place. Like too many to fight so I think being stealthy is the only way to get around it. Found some great supplies though. There are bottles everywhere so there are ways to distract the clickers and move them away from you but right at the end are the two extra bloaters. You can get around them but how. This is so ridic. He managed to set a bloaters on fire but then a stupid infected got on top of the truck they were hiding at and Ellie had to shoot which made them go crazy. This is just not good. This is really like bad bad bad. Used the flamethrower on the bloaters finally. That takes them down a bit easier and gave them time to escape over a truck. Phew that was a tough one.


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