The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 52/53/54]

Published July 17, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

This is it guys, the final leg. We’re gonna end this game soon. I’m not really excited for it to end. Like I’m not sure if I want it to. Though this does mean I can finally watch the DLC even though it’s kind of a prequel to the events in the story.

But they have to get away from this underground area where the bloaters were. There’s some deep water so you know the drill. Well ok this time we have to get her a ladder to climb over a truck and then theres a shallow edge where Ellie can walk. ran into another jammed gated door so we lift Ellie up so she can open the door from the inside but there was a fucking clicker in there! Shit that was scary, It happened so fast. I heard it but I didn’t know where it was. But we are close to the hospital. Super close actually. There are fishes in the water XD I love how animals survive here. And it’s also a little weird that the giraffes that we saw weren’t infected. Usually in other zombie movies the animals can get infected. There was like a few minutes of exploring just to get a palette. Goddamit. Ellie got a ladder for Joel but it broke off the wall and joel had to find another way to get up top to wherever the hell theyre trying to go. I know they’re trying to get out this weird building, factory, plant thing. This whole place is flooded though but there are like trucks and stuff to climb on so Ellie can past through easily. They walk across an old buss though and joel falls through. I’m hoping they don’t get separated but Joel always has to find a way around things and he’s always falling. He fell and got hurt, fell off a bunch of ladders, fell through stuff. Get it together Joel. Damn.

The current is too strong and the bus ends up like tipping over so now Ellie is underwater. She passes out really quick so maybe she hurt herself when the bus tipped over. So Joel tries to do CPR on her and some fucking douchebags knock him out. Like they appeared out of no where with guns, you see him trying to save this kid like what are you doing. He didn’t care about attacking your dumbass he was trying to save his almost daughter. God i fucking hate the people in this game.

Joel wakes up next to some lady. they’re at the Firefly lab finally. Ellie is ok. And they’re trying to-whoa wait, Ellie is going into surgery??? What the fuck!?! Theyre trying to get the growth inside her brain to do the vaccine but they’re gonna kill her doing the surgery!!! OMG. I CANNOT HANDLE THIS

No, she can’t fucking die. Whoa this lady knew Ellie since she was born. She was a friend of Ellie’s mother. Now this lady tells Joel-wait is this Marlene, or whatever her name is. I think so. She looked a little different so I didn’t know. I didn’t realize she was also going to travel to the Firefly place since she sent Joel and tess to do it. Woooooo Joel just shot some guy in the dick!!! God I’m dying. That was fucking great. Or wait it might’ve been his stomach but I’m going to pretend it was his dick. It was close to the crotch. Now the other people in the lab heard the gunshots and Joel has to try and get to the surgery room because he wants to find Ellie, but now the rest of the, I assume Fireflies, are trying to get Joel and kill him.

Just a bunch of shooting and evading. SO eventually we clear the area for the most part and keep on trying to head to the top floor. The flamethrower has got to be my fave weapon though.

Joel manages to get away and block off the area with a chair. He went in a stairwell with double doors, so hopefully that will hold them off. Headed towards surgery and still fighting guys, not much to comment on. Entered the pediatric wing. We see them! We’re in the room with Ellie. Ok now stuff is going down. Joel is trying to get close to Ellie but he just kind of shoot everyone lol. Maybe you were supposed to. The doctor was holding a scalpel to Joel and wouldn’t let him pass and nothing else was going down. He picks Ellie up from the operating table and is carrying her. He wants to save her so bad. God the sad music is not fucking helping. I’m already tearing up. God I hope he makes it. He’s in an elevator now. FUCK!!


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