True Blood S1E2

Published July 18, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Picking up right where we left off where Sookie was getting beat up. It looked like the Rattrays and right now those are her only enemies so I’m assuming that’s who’s attacking her. Now Bill has to save her or something. I’m surprised Sam didn’t turn into a dog and like jump on them or something. I think at this point he only knows how to shift into a dog. I think he needs to learn to shift into other animals later but I’m not 100% sure. Oh well now he shows up when Sookie’s almost passed out. Good job Sam.I think Bill came too but he was moving too fast to see for sure. But i mean it was obvs him, who else would it be? Oh shit did Jason actually kill Maudette??? But it was an accident…i mean it still counts as murder but he didn’t mean too.

Oh he didn’t kill her. Why did they take him in then if the police saw the video tape beforehand??? Liek what was the point of that. Yes, Jason was there and everything but if you saw that she wasn’t dead when they were done why did they take him? That’s so stupid. Why did Bill take Sookie to the middle of like no where to save her? He just took her to like a river and forced her to drink his blood. I mean he was trying to heal her or whatever but that’s just weird. She is just heavily making out with his wrist man. OH GREAT NOW HE’S LICKING HER. WTF?!! And she’s calm as fuck waking up, like thanks for licking me while i was asleep Bill. It’s all good. Ok ok, so he was licking blood off her head, but he didn’t clean it all and like a minute later theres no left over blood when she sits up. Continuity error. Bill’s sideburns are killing me.

I CANNOT believe that guy just walked up to Tara with that fake ass pimp lean walk. Omg what is this 1995?? i love her crazy stories she tells people.

Awkward sex scene. They just spring it on you, i can’t prepare for any of it. It just freaks me out so much. It was literally random. Like Jason having sex had nothing to do with the storyline right now. Why did you feel the need to include it. Tara acts like such a nerd when jason’s around. So no the rattray’s were “crushed under their trailer” because of a tornado. Yes, I’m sure. I wonder if Bill moved the bodies before or after he took care of Sookie. Now Sookies has enhanced senses because she drank Bill’s blood or something. Now i feel bad for grandma I feel like something is going to happen to her and she doesn’t deserve any of it. She’s just a nice old lady. But I guess now the whole family is gonna meet Bill, as if that isn’t awkward enough. Grandma laid the smack down on Jason. That boy better behave if she wants to stay on grandmas good side. that’s creepy. Now that Sookie drank Bill blood he can always find her. What kind of messed up shit is that. Why are vampires so abusive?? Like this is just way too weird.

Tara is trying sooooo hard to get with Jason. She’s so thirsty for him. I think Jason just thinks of Tara as like another sister. I mean he can’t really tell how she feels. he’s too damn stupid.

Bill’s glamour look is just like an awkward creepy version of blue steele. Oh god and then he whispers. Sookie isn’t even a good name is say like in bed. It just sounds dumb. I don’t like how they keep walking and stopping to have conversations. Like did you guys know you could walk and talk at the same time. You don’t have to be so dramatic even if it is for the sake of tv. HE SNIFFED HER HAIR WHAT.this isn’t sexy or romantic! he’s just plain weird! I can smell the sunlight on your skin? Wtf does that mean? Please tell me what the sun smells like? It’s already episode 2, they’ve known each other for like 3 days. He’s already killed someone for her. And then they kiss. because that all seems logical.

God I love Renee he’s so attractive. I know he ends up being bad or something but that doesn’t matter. Ugh, he’s so good. I need more of him.

Well this episode is ending and not that much has happened so far. The anti-vampire guys that was on the news show Sookie was watching in the morning died. Now I don’t know if it was Bill, the vampire lady who was also on the show or Renee. I never got past episode 1 of season 1 so I don’t really know who’s the villain this season. Now Sookie is at some random person’s house? Oh wait, it was Bill’s House and some other vampire couple opened the door or something. Oh god one of them was that bald headed one with the weird eyes and tattoos! What is going on.


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