Let’s discuss… body image in video games

Published August 3, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

The Girl, The Console and The Internet

I can nearly hear the sighs as I wrote this title. “Oh no, it’s a girl discussing body image in a blog. It’s a FEMINIST, it’s a female! AHHH run away and hide from her! Or hate her on the internet, one of the two!”.

But hold on before you draw up the drawbridge in your mind, have a little read, maybe I will surprise you.

It seems a lot within the media body image is a big issue, whether this be discussing beach bodies, loving your body or criticizing celebrities for their yo-yo dieting. For me, I would hear about this because of popular media and my family do love their gossip magazines (Kim Kardashian kid is allowed to go to space, sometimes this is considered critical news in my household). However, I rarely saw the issue of body image translate to games, it was mainly about the inclusion of females…

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