Sailor Moon Everyday Life Re-Ment Opening and Review

Published August 6, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

So my preorder payment couldn’t have kicked in at a worse time but I got my box of Sailor Moon rements. I love rements, I’ve been collecting them ever since I got into rilakkuma. I don’t have many of them because to get to America rements are about 7-15 dollars, while in Japan they cost like $3, which sucks for us. I love cute tiny things so this just kind of took the cake for me and I preordered it in the heat of the moment. This is a bunch of stuff I don’t need but dammit if it isn’t cute. There are usually 8 rements to a set which is what I got. Each rement celebrates the lives of the 5 main sailor scouts, tuxedo mask, and luna and artemis. Ok I probably got this just so I could have miniature versions of their wands. The SM wands have always been my favorite things and I even had one when I was a kid. I have 4 gashopon transformation compacts and a wand. Rement are usually sold as blind boxes so even though I know I have the entire set I have no idea which ones goes first. So it will be an extra surprise.


Front and Back of the boxes

Oke first one opened and IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. GOD THESE ARE SO CUTE!!!

First is Usagi’s and I have to say I love love love this one. The first thing is Usagi’s school bag which  has a cute charm on it. The charm is of her bow with the transformation brooch on it. As before with the wand the brooch has some detailing but it isn’t that great. Might be too hard to do on such a small surface. The bag itself does not open. Second thing is a Mini luna!! The paint job could’ve been a little better on her but otherwise she looked adorable. Next is the piece of Usagi toast that has a little bite taken out of it. The bunny iself is printed a little crooked on the bread but the texture and shading of it is very nice. Then there’s a magazine of some sort that has Sailor moon on it. I think this could’ve been better used for something else. Like instead of the magazine her actual compact or another food item, her handkerchief. It just doesn’t seem to connect with Usagi that much. Last is the transformation pen which i think looks better then the other transformation wands. Probably because it’s design is very simple and doesn’t need all the extra fine detailing. The paper has a screenshot of the rankings for the Sailor V video game I give this one a 4/5.PhotoGrid_1438822643450

Second one I opened  was Mercury’s which is number two in the set. it comes with two books and a band to hold them, the transformation wand, a pen, three cookies and a pencil case. The two books are a Science textbook and an English dictionary. You stack both books together(dictionary on top) then put the blue band around it which has mercury’s symbol. The transformation wand is definitely bigger then I expected but not as detailed which sucks. They’re a little on the plain side. The pen is cute and has a little blue bow on it. The cookies are adorable. I really love them. They even have a bit of texture on the back. My favorite thing is the Mercury symbol on the oval like cookie because it really does look like imperfect icing. The detail and artwork on the pencil case is gorgeous. It’s so beautiful but the hinges are too loose so the top just flaps open and the only thing that can fit in there length wise is the pencil, however the small bow on the pencil prevents it from closing all the way. This is stupid since you think the pencil case would fit the damn pen. On the paper that comes with the package there are two cutouts of notebooks you can make for her:) I give this one a 3.5/5


Now It’s time for Mars! I like this one too because it’s very reflective of her life as a Shinto priestess. The bad thing is I’m not entirely sure what all this stuff is haha. First is an arrow that has small bells on it. There the transformation wand which is similar to Mercury’s. Then there is a stick of dango. These items are so small that it’s difficult for my phone to zoom in on them properly which is annoying me. It hard for me to pick up any details Next is a small wallet that has Rei’s photo ID inside. There’s a small red bow on the outside of the brown wallet. You can pinch the wallet closed but it’s meant to stay open, the plastic is just bendable. There’s a small wooden talisman that has a Mars symbol painted in. it could be like one of the good luck charms they sell at the shrine. Theres a strip of accordion folded paper that has a little sticky tab on the back. You insert the paper into this small booklet. I’m not sure what it’s for though. Last it a paper bag that you assemble which leads me to believe that perhaps this was based on Rei’s life during festival time? Like a combination of school and festival time at the shrine. The bag was a little bit of a pain to assemble. I would suggest creasing all the edges before you fold it to make things easier. The paper has a few extra talismans that Rei uses, especially the paper talisman’s where she sayd “Evil spirits, disperse!” as per the english dub.


Next is Makoto. I like hers because it’s food related! Jupiter is my absolute favorite Sailor scout. I’ve always liked her because she was tough yet gentle, strong, smart, a little goofy and loved to eat. Her set has a cute little benton box that comes with rice balls, tamago and and octopus shaped mini dog. There’s the bento box, a rose designed thermos(the cap does come off), a decorative case for the fork(I’m upset that chopsticks didn’t come with it. usually a case has a spoon, fork, and chopsticks). I arranged the bento as best as I could. The top of the box has a rose design but it’s the same pink color as the rest of the box so it doesnt really stand out. I wish It was painted red and green for the leaves. The case has the same design only smaller and it’s painted a darker pink which really helps. They should’ve tied that in together more.The transformation wand is ok as well. The bonus material on the paper is like a printed napkin/possibly the cloth or bag that you usually tie around your bento but the paper is probably too small too be wrapped around the bento box. It could also just be a napkin of sorts. There is also a printed notebook design. Overall I would give this a 3/5 because while cooking is one of Makoto’s main passions she also likes a lot of other things. I think a combination of her hobbies would’ve been best. Kind of like how Rei’s was.


Next is Venus. I really like this one but also its the exact same as Usagi’s. A bag, Artemis, a magazine, transformation pen, a food item. Not at all creative though I do like the bag more. The design is more appealing i suppose but honestly this one is boring because it’s the same thing. Even the bonus paper has the same screenshot of the Sailor V video game. The only extra thing is a crepe paper to go around the crepe. 2.5/5.


Ok Rini’s has got to be my favorite. It is just absolutely too adorable. You have the Luna P ball which is the best looking transformation item of the bunch, a bunny plushie, a lollipop, the time key, a small pink bag, and a locket that opens. The best part is that the extras on the paper has a picture of Usagi and Mamoru to put in the locket!!! I died. This one is jsut so cute. I absolutely love it. I’m afraid I’ll lose the key though. It’s not attached to anything at all. The locket is my favorite thing in her set. That is just too perfect.

20150805_213452-2 20150805_213506-2

The next set is a happy birthday set. Not sure who’s birthday it is but it is super cute none the less. The moon is vanilla and in the shape of a moon! There’s a chocolate luna cake topper and a white chocolate artemis cake topper. There’s also a stand for the cake, 2 champagne glasses and rose crown (which I’m assuming is like a birthday tiara, and a bottle of “sparkling juice” which we all know is champagne. On the paper there’s a circle with the planetary symbols on it. I think this is like a mat that goes underneath the cake or you can set up the two glasses and bottle on it. There’s also a happy birthday card. 4/5


Last is Tuxedo Masks. This I think is more like a date night for him and Usagi and not about Tuxedo Mask at all. The only things that’s really his is the star locket. The set comes with a glass with an insertable juice drink and straw, a chocolate ice cream Tuxedo Mask desserts, two crescent moon spoons, a bouquet of roses and the star locket. The paper has two tickets to something and a napkin for the ice cream. Since the juice and straw is removeable its hard to keep it in the glass. I think the tuxedo ice cream is so cute! It even has little TM glasses and a top hat out of chocolate. Oddly enough my favorite things are the crescent moon shaped spoons. It the little attention to detail that gets me. 4/5.


Overall there were some ups and downs and things that could’ve been done better. But I am glad I purchased it. Now I just need a way to display it all. I’m thinking about getting a shadow box to hang on the wall or something!


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