Thoughts on FNAF 4 (Spoilers)

Published August 6, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Thoughts and Gameplay:

Ok, I’m upset. I’m late to the party. I had no idea that FNAF was released towards the end of july. I mean I was under the impression that it was going to be released on Halloween but I should’ve known better. Scott Cawthorn never releases things on the release date. Instead the entire game was released and a DLC will be available on Halloween (or in Cawthorn time, next week). I watched Markiplier play every FNAF sequel (I played the first one entirely on my own). And while I don’t like Markiplier, because I feel he yells too much and is super loud and makes unnecessary noises, he usually gets the FNAF before everyone else because he’s a top gaming Tuber. So I dealt with his annoying tendencies and watched all 8 parts of his playthough…after midnight…with the lights off and headphones in. Yeah, i’m pretty badass.

I do have to say that right before i found out that FNAF 4 had been released I had a nightmare about the game. I dreamt that i was in the FNAF 4 house and and had all those damn animatronics chasing me. I am afraid on animatronics, furries and mascots in general (yes it’s stupid for me to play FNAF but whatever) and this dream was based off of what I had seen in the FNAF 4 trailer when it was first released. So odd premonition or something.

Anyway I’ve got to say that this game was fairly interesting. It kept the basic mechanics of the original games but with a little bit of added movement. The child protagonist can run across the room and shut doors, where as in the original games you just pressed buttons on the flashlight or to close doors and check cameras. There are no cameras in this game, only audio cues. This makes it I think much more difficult as it is not always easy to hear the sounds. This game is one that you HAVE to play with the headphones on. It’s the only way you’ll be able to hear the cues. I had the headphones in and I could barely hear the cues, even when Mark was being quiet. It might be different if I had played the game myself but holy hell that is not on my agenda at all. I think this game would just accelerate my anxiety to the max. Even when I felt like”got used” to the jumpscares (after watching 5 6 episodes in a row) most of them still caught me off guard. There’s a lot more anticipation because you have to listen closely. When I played the first FNAF I would see Bonnie or Chica already close by and you had time to flash the light and then close the door. Here, you dont. If you flash the light at an inappropriate time and keep the door open, you die. Even if it’s just a fraction of a second. If you open the door before the animatronic has fully walked away, you die. If you don’t check the bed behind you fast enough you die. it’s really tough.

Setup and Animatronics: The set up of the game itself is similar to the originals but more so closely related to FNAF2 as there is two doors on the side (similar to the vents) and a closet (similar to the main hallway). The two doors lead out into the hallways where the animatronics come from. Flashing the light on them while they are far enough can push them back and make them retreat around the corner buying you some time. The closet is fairly simple as well. it has mini jumpscares with Nightmare Foxy, Nightmare Fredbear, and Nightmare. I’ve mostly seen it with Foxy as when you get to the closet door and shine you light on it the head will pop out. This does not kill you however, especially if you shut the doors fast enough. It’s simple and fairly easy to catch it from what I’ve seen. But it will still surprise you. The bed is behind you so every once in awhile you’ll have to look back and shine the flashlight on it. 1-3 small nightmare freddys will appear before the already stationary Freddy plush that sits a top the bed. Waving your flashlight over them will make them disperse. However if you dont then Nightmare Freddy will seemingly manifest from the bed and kill you. And yes there are three Freddy’s in this game. Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Fredbear, and Nightmare. Nightmare Freddy seems to be the easiest to ward off since you just have to check the bed periodically and keep the smaller Freddies at bay. Mark himself never got the death scene from Nightmare Freddy. Nightmare Freddy also has two different jumpscares, one where he comes from the bed itself and another where he appears in front of the protag like the other animatronics.

Nightmare Bonnie: Oh the devil rabbit is back. He’s actually the most tame looking of the 6 main animatronics. His teeth are sharpened and most of his internal skeleton is exposed. Every animatronics however has the sharp claws and teeth, their internal skeletons are all at various stages of decay. Bonnie appears in the Left Hall only and can jumpscare the player from the door or in the middle of the room. His cues are breathing and footsteps. If breathing is heard you must keep the door shut for around 3-5 seconds or until the footsteps are heard signaling that Bonnie has walked away. If you open the door too quickly then the jumpscare will happen. Bonnie can delayed by flashing the light if he’s at the end of the hall. He becomes inactive on Night 5 and does not appear.

Nightmare Chica:

Stupid chicken. Honestly I think the bulk of the scares-like what really gets the nightmare fuel going relies heavily on Nightmare, Foxy, and Fredbear. Though Chica and Bonnies jumpscares happen more often if you mess up in the slightest than it could be game over. The teeth is what really get me about Chica. They’re almost on the same level as Fredbear and Nightmare. As usual she acts the same way as Bonnie but on the other side. Chica is the only animatronic to have a completely different jumpscare in that her cupcake actually does the second jumpscare. This is the first time that the cupcake has been an attacker, this is probably because we are playing from the child’s perspective and he finds everything about the animatronics scary, including her cupcake.

Cupcake Jumpscare

Nightmare Foxy:

Nightmare Foxy can be fairly easy to avoid as long as you get to the closet in time. he becomes active in Night 2 and can be seen on either right or left hall but most of his attacks comes from when he sneaks into the closet. I have only ever seen his jumpscare from the closet but I’m assuming that he can attack from the hallways as well. If you neglect to check the closet enough then he will jumpscare you. When you initially go to the closet his face will pop out resulting in a mini jumpscare. This doesn’t end the game however. You must keep the closet doors shut until his body retreats, usually if you see he hook or he has returned to his plushie state then you are good to go. His hiding is similar to that of when he hid in Pirate Cove. Apparantly you can summon Foxy as stated in the Wiki.

  1. “Nightmare Foxy is the only animatronic in the series that can specifically be summoned by the player. This is done by clicking the nose of the Freddy Plushie on the bed some number of times greater than 20.”

Though I have no idea why you would even want to summon him. You can also easily hear him getting into the room as there are footsteps and the creaking of the closet door as he goes in. At this point you would have to check the closet and close the doors.

Nightmare Fredbear/Nightmare:

As you can see Fredbear and Nightmare are very similar in design. It can almost be treated as a palette swap. Fredbear appears in Night 5 and 6 after 4 am, replacing the other animatronics. When he laughs (there are about several different laughs that he also shares with Nightmare) then that means he will appear on the bed or in the closet and will attack from there if the flashlight isn’t shown or the closet doors aren’t closed, respectively. He can also attack from the right or left hall and the player will have to listen closely to figure out which direction he’s coming from. Nightmare appears in Night 6 and 20/20/20/20 mode from 4 am on, replacing the other animatronics, including Fredbear during 4-20 mode. The difference is that instead of being down the hall like the other animatronics he will appear right outside the door in the players face which will most definitely scare the shit out of you at least once.

Appearing in the left Hall

A face only a mother could love

Nightmare also doesn’t have a jumpscare where he lunges at the player like the other animatronics. A picture just sort of appears followed by a static like “scream”.


This has got to be I think one of my favorite installments from the franchise. Seeing as how we went from very 2D like Bonnies and Chicas in the doors of FNAF1 to literal 3D jumpscares and better designs and animations i think it’s safe to say that FNAF has come a long way in just a short year. I think that this one is more terrifying since it’s seen from the perspective of an abused child. The timeline of the games seem to go 4,2,1,3, with this final installment being the first one. there is a lot of speculation that the minigames where you move the crying child around his home and what could be Fredbear’s Family Dinner (though it looks more similar to Freddy Fazbear’s pizzaeria) tells the story of the ‘Bite of 87’ Though in the minigames, or rather pseudo cutscenes there is a TV. Clicking enter repeatedly will my an advertisement appear showing Freddy and Friends 1983. A lot of people thought that this meant that this took place in 83 but it could also just be an old advertisement as well from 4 years earlier. it would make much more since that this was during ’87 since we see the actual bite taking place. this video explains that perhaps the bite actually took place in the Establishment know as Fredbear’s Family Dinner and then it was rebranded to try and cover up the bit incident by renaming it Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. We also have reasons to believe that the child is either dreaming or in a coma because of the damage done to him by  the bite. Periodically you can see an IV bag, a bottle of pills, and flowers near the bed symbolizing recovering from the injuring. The Game Theorists believe that this couldn’t possibly happen because the damage to the front lobe would be so severe. Honestly I think he’s going to much into the science side and not appreciating the fact that this is a GAME. Horror games are meant for all kinds of speculation, things don’t also have to be concrete. In short, bruh, it ain’t that serious. And to be quite honest I’m fine leaving it up to speculation. let’s enjoy the ride, the four games we have and leave it all up to mystery. isn’t that what makes it so fun in the first place?


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