Mortal Kombat X Let’s Play

Published August 17, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

MK has got to be my fave fighting games franchise. I love gore and MK always delivers with the gore factor. i did a review post a little while back about the fatalities and what i thought about them and i figured I’d actually sit down and watch a lets play finally.

Im not a fan of the factions exactly since i dont like playing with other people online. LIn Kuei faction is a about the ninjas with Sub Zero. The Black Dragon clan seemed cool but it was just having to deal with Kano and Sonya so i think the name might be misleading. Brotherhood of Shadow looks the coolest just because it has all the dark mages. Special Forces is lammmmmeee. White Lotus is about Raiden and stuff. Never liked Raiden. i think i would def pick the Brotherhood of Shadows since im always an evil villain.

The animation i think is some of the best ive seen from MK.  Shinnok is resuming his war on the elder gods as usual. Opening scene is that of like a war torn earth realm with freaky ass creatures killing humans. The gore is so beautiful. Sonya and Johnny Cage look like they’re being decent together for now. I swear they hate fucked like Bulma and Vegeta and that’s the reason Cassie was made. Kenshi is helping with this special task stuff and Scorpion decides to kill some bitches. He does his signature GET OVER HERE and Johnny catches chain!!Whoa!I’m so proud of him. He’s not a lame ass little shit haha.

Hes doing a great job handling Scorpion even though you technically start controlling Johnny. Sub Zero suddenly shows up and freezes two guys heads then smashes them together creating a waterfall of frozen gore. IT GAVE ME SO MUCH LIFEEEEEEE. I love it! Though I kind of hope Johnny is dreaming because he just did a split and punched Sub Zero in the nuts. It’s such a Johnny thing but I feel like maybe he’s just dreaming that he’s this good haha. I don’t trust it. The plan crash lands after Kenshi and Johnny kick the Ninjas out. First match up Johnny vs Scorp. let’s do this.

I mean we obviously know who wins since it’s part of the story So I’ll just focus more on my opinions of the story and what’s going on. These are kind of quick reviews and comments mostly. it’s hard to discuss a fighting game really. After the fight Johnny tries to go to the plane and get Sonya  out before it explodes but Sub Zero freezes Johnny a bit. He’s able to get out of it before SZ shoves his ice sword right through him. This cues the second match. Kenshi manages to get Sonya out and Johnny seems genuinely concerned. it’s kinda cute! Switch to the Raiden fighting a bunch of weird as crazy creatures. I mean what else is new. Raiden is fighting with someone but I can’t tell who. There are so many characters it’s kind of hard to keep track of the non main ones. Welp his name is Fujin so there’s that. Not sure if he’s playable or not. But all of a sudden Quan Chi interrupts the match. I looooveee Quan Chi. But omg he’s resurrected Kabal. Oh god my baby is a zombie. I’m so sad now. I love Kabal more then Quan Chi. He was my Absolute favorite in MK9. I’m so upset. I hope theres a way to save him somehow. Somehow Jax is working for the evil side or something? He got a total reboot in his design and looks pretty evil. Johnny was the first to recognize him. And then i think Nightwolf comes from a random portal? I think it’s just because they’re resurrecting all the dead people. Smoke is there too. I’m wondering since in the very beginning they said that the last tournament which im assuming was MK9 took place a few years ago this is the beginning part of the story and none of the kids are born yet. Which would explain why Johnny doesnt have his gray hair yet.

Evil jax attacks Sonya and Johnny steps in to save her, so we’re doing Johnny’s part first. I wonder how they get saved then? Like saved enough to have children? Jax has Jacqui so…what happened???Johnny leaves the battle saying “were gonna fix you someday” what does that mean??? I’m so confused and curious. Kenshi is doing something weird with his Sento or whatever. They open another weird portal and go in while Raiden and Fujin fight Kabal and the others. Suddenly shinnok appears with his cool ass skeleton hands and what not. After some fighting  Shinnok throws Raiden and Fujin into this weird room and Fujin is like Dont touch the Jinsei??? I think that’s what it was called. I’ll probably just call it Ginseng. Just Shinnok is sicking up Raiden into some talisman Johnny, Sonya, and Kenshi stop him. Sonya again gets hurt by Shinnok and Johnny jumps in front of her to take a power blow for her. Um…when did Sonya become so useless? She can take care of her own self… I mean Johnny is being super cute and caring but still. Now Johnny fights Shinnok. Johnny kicks the amulet back to Raiden who uses it to suck up Shinnok. Again why is Sonya so weak????? She isn’t that weak, This is kinda annoying.

Raiden and Fujin go to deal with the other Elder Gods in regards to Shinnok being in the talisman while Johnny’s all smiles because Sonya called him by his name. Awwww. Oh and Now we get our answer! Johnny was telling the story  about the past in the future! And Cassie’s there now with Jacqui, Jin and Takeda! Aww the gangs all here! Takeda giving Jacqui alllll kinds of bedroom eyes. They’re so precious together! The kids first mission is to go to the Lin Kuei temple to check on SZ. Welppp onto part 2!


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