My First Ball Jointed Doll

Published November 10, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Hello Everyone!

It’s been quite awhile since I took to blogging thanks to the wonderous joys of being a college senior. I’ve have had some time to do things but I just fill that up with sleeping and crying. It’s amazing…not. However through all the stress there is one thing that does make me happy and that’s my ball jointed doll.

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always played with dolls; Barbies, Bratz, Betty Spaghetti, MyScene, you name I played with it. So it makes sense that I fell into the BJD hobby. At first I thought they were creepy though. I have never really seen a doll so big before, other than the “lifesize” Barbie dolls that were like 100 cm tall.

The story of how I got my first doll is a bit “all over the place” if you will so I’ll actually save that for another post since it relates to another topic in the BJD world. This post will focus solely on Natty.

The website I brought her from is, which is an excellent source for licensed dolls. The best part of it all is that they ship within the U.S (they’re based in California) so it only takes a few days to get your new baby. I chose to go to the “1/4” scale, usually referred to as MSD. These dolls are usually 42-45 cm tall (around 16 to 17 inches). The brand of my dolls is Mystic Kids, the model name is Natalia, which I’ve shortened to Natty.

Now most people give their dolls personalities, characters, love interests and partners. I however don’t connect to my doll in that way. I dress her up, brush her hair, and take pretty pictures of her, similar to how I did with my other dolls as a child. Except this one is special because she cost $250. Yep, BJD’s are not cheap. They’re very pretty but not cheap at all. But she’s my treasure and I say she’s worth the ¬†hundreds of dollars I’ve invested in her.

This is the company photo. Because BJD is so expensive you can opt out of pieces and parts. The different parts are usually Skintone (different skin tones add on more costs), Face-Up (a term used to describe your doll actually have a painted face. They are usually blank heads; this is always around $30-$60 more) and standard outfit and wig the doll comes in. This was Natty’s standard outfit and wig

I did not get this outfit however. I got the regular skin tone she comes in and a Faceup. Shipping was around $20 because the dolls are fairly heavy. They are made out of resin which is a heavy plastic.

And so Natty arrived to me naked (minus a cheap pair of cotton undies and tube top) like a new born baby.

DSCN0027 DSCN0032 DSCN0033

The face up picture came out blurry and since then I’ve done a new face up on her. Her eyes are a nice violet color too.

I got several outfits for her now and have been crafting a bunch of accessories for her. I can’t wait to make more posts about her. This one was just a basic beginning post to show how the doll arrived to me. Since then I’ve put another doll on layaway, this time a boy! I’ll be doing another post on him later on!


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