MonstroDesigns-An Etsy Review

Published November 15, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

My first BJD clothes review! I’ve been on a horrible shopping spree for my doll. I only say horrible because BJD clothes aren’t cheap. I have tried sewing my own clothes and nothing ever turns out right. I can only make my own accessories. But anyway one of the shops I brought some clothes from was MonstroDesigns on Etsy. MonstroDesigns is run by Kay Davis. She makes a ton of wigs, clothes, and accessories for a variety of size dolls including Monster High, MSD/MNF, SD, and Blythe.

I kind of have a hard time finding clothes for Natty since she’s MSD size. This happens mostly on Etsy since a lot of Etsy designers have MNF’s. But luckily all the clothes still fit Natty! and she looks super cute in them.

For this purchase I got a grey slouch beanie, purple bat print skater skirt (which might be out of stock or discontinued as I do not see it on the shop pages), white pencil skirt, white cross print leggings, and the black graveyard print leggings.

AS far as shipping time goes, usually BJD designers take about 1-2 weeks to actually make the clothes, most of them are in a “pre-order status” and state it on the listing. Mine however took around 4 weeks to get shipped and delivered. Kay does live in the U.S (Calirfornia) so it really shouldn’t have taken that long. While I wasn’t happy with the sipping time it wasn’t Kay’s fault at all. She was having some terrible allergy issues and her eyes were swollen shut. She even had to send out mass messages to her customers about it. So it was something that couldn’t be helped.

Nonetheless when my items arrived I was mostly happy. The quality of the sewing is great; all items are machine sewed. The leggings stretch really well. The skirt sits nicely at Natty’s waist and is like a basic circle skirt. I like to pair it with a black petticoat underneath to really fill it out. I think it makes the shape look better as well as keeps with Natty’s style. The beanie has a bit of stretch and flexibility, enough to get it over the head and have it stay in place over a wig. The white pencil skirt was EXTREMELY seethrough. I had to put white underwear on underneath to make it a bit opaque and even then i was a struggle to try and get the underwear smooth underneath the skirt.


The cross leggings were a bit of disappointment as  the cross pattern stretched too much and began to crack.


This didn’t happen at all with the graveyard pattern and I asusme they were put onto the fabric in the same was. The Beanie also looks great with her new wig.

She a glamour gurl #bjd #abjd #balljointeddoll #mystickids #natalia

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Here is the outfit I created using the bat print skirt, graveyard leggings, and beanie from kay as well as a halter top and cameo choker I made myself. The boots are from ebay.

Overall i would give my order a 4/5, taking down points for the two white items. I would  order from Kay again and I’ve in fact put in an order for 2 suspender skirts because she had the cutest fabric available. Perhaps I just wont order things that require too much stretching since the other items were fine. Maybe I also wont order white fabrics either. I still think that overall it was a good purchase.

Natty’s style is a mix of sweet/goth lolita and pastel goth. It switches and smushes together from time to time depending on what I find online. Shopping for your doll is hard! I’ve barely gotten clothes for myself ever since I got her!

Please be sure to check out MonstroDesigns on Etsy or her other links below:

Instagram: @monstrodesigns


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