Adventures in Online Dating part 3

Published November 20, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget


Short and to the point but also gross. You shouldn’t open with something that sounds possessive and grossly sexual. This was from an older woman that i had no interest in even going near.


Also from a woman. This is just weird. I didnt even know how to respond to that, thank god i didnt.


I dont know if he was trying to get me to join a cult or he was trying to say that because i’m so great that he assumed i worshipped satan. Theyre were many ways i wanted to respond such as i’ll need to disembowel you for a ritual, givw me your first born son, i only take virgin blood for sacrifices, or i can pencil you in after my 5 o clock with lucifer. I couldnt decide so i didnt respond:p


Welp. You tried. Nerdy pick up lines can be great except when i dont find you attractive enough to capture my attention. Hey, ive got to have something good to look at if im going to be in a relationship.


I really hate when men refer to me as a girl. They cant help it since they dont know im agender but it always rubs me the wrong way. But this is a prime example of coming on wayyyyyy too strong. I mean, im thirstt but not that thirsty.This person was also out of my age range and had a kid, two things i dont deal with.


Here is a person that i talked to for a long time. I was comfortable with him and he seemed to be a really good friend. I was telling him about my cat who is dying and this is how he responded. Can you say fuckboy?


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