Adventures in Online Dating Part 4

Published December 13, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget


I had several conversations with the fuckboy and I shouldve known from the getgo that he was a piece of shit. Exhibit A: I told him not to call be “babe” and he does it just to annoy me. Not cute.


Exhibit B: i talk about my onesie pjs (kigurumi) and i get this. I wanted to mentally slap myself.


You’re just trying to hard. And i dont fall for the “nice guy” image at all. Trust me, the site this comes from doesnt allow for that, so i have to be even morr cautious. When it comes to turning away someone, i look at their profiles to see if they have anything written on theres and if we have things in common, then i check the pictures to see if im attracted to them. Im pretty sure this guy had nothing and his lame pickup line (because yes, you are in fact trying a horrible pickup attempt)about spiders webs and whatnots didnt work. Sorrynotsorry.


How ive “become” asexual? Like its some fucking magical girl transformstion! I hate when people ask me shit like this and make me seem like im some failing science experiment. There’s google for a reason and personal boundaries for another. I wanted to punch this guy in the face so bad. I could go down the whole “he meant well” route but i dont really give a damn.


NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE should ever message someone this as the first like. Youre also 41 and without a picture, you disgusting creep.


DONT call me baby. Second verse same as the first. Youre old, creepy, and disgusting. And what do I fucking care if youre queer???


Again, my profile states do NOT open up with “Hello, sexy, beautiful, cutie, etc” and again men think it’s real cute to open up that way just to piss me off. Other than that, what the absolute fuck is happening in this message?? Like if youre goal was to not sound like a serial killer you failed, miserably. That isnt really something to joke about either. It just sounds like all kinds of kidnappings gone wrong.

Wtf is wrong with people??


4 comments on “Adventures in Online Dating Part 4

  • This is all because men have been brainwashed by movies for 30 years now, that they have to act feminine to get girls, when its the exact opposite. If I didn’t know who was who, I’d think he was the female sending those messages, and you were the male. That guy knows nothing about women, and has been watching too many chick flicks made by men that have no clue about women (or they are gay). This is the leading cause of todays 50-60% divorce rate and dating disasters. Women want a confident and masculine man, not a little bitch – in laymans terms.


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