Monster High Doll: Isi Dawndancer Review

Published January 2, 2016 by makeuponatightbudget

Let me start by saying that for me it’s really difficult to find the new dolls as soon as they come out. I’ve been an avid collector of  Monster High since they came out, I even have an OG Frankie and Ghoulia (whom were my favorite at the time). Of course there are still a ton of dolls I do not have that are on my list to get but Isi came out at a time when I suddenly got obsessed with deer. That’s right, deer. And it started with Fawtine Fallowheart who is part of the frightmare collection of mini centaur like dolls. I fell in love with Fawtine because of her gentle design and she looked the most down to earth compared to the other frightmares. And all the other frightmares look mighty bitchy in their design art 😛 She was just so cute and only $10 so I got her. Then I started painting my small Obitsu doll into a deer design. And then I saw Isi.


I loved her as soon as I saw her (I love Batsy Claro too and she’s next on my list). This is Monster High’s second Mexican doll, Skelita being the first and representing Day of the Dead, and Isi is “Boo Hexican”, which based on her design, I would assume would be like a Native Aztec spirit. I was able to find her on Amazon, i think through the official Mattel since she was still only $20. I told my mom about her and it was like an early Christmas gift. I normally have to tell my mom and aunt which dolls I don’t have so they don’t buy me dolls I already have. It’s a hassle but this is what I go though, haha.

Anyway, Isi I literally everything. I love her so much. Her face design is of course different from the other dolls because she has the deer facial features. Her nose is the cutest and her eyes are super big. The lines around the outside of her irises are a little uneven but you cant really tell unless you look real close, factory errors happen all the time. She also doesn’t have antlers, which I’m assuming is because she’s a female deer. The antlers however are represented in her headband. I would eventually like to see a doll with  antlers (a normal doll, because Fawntine has Antlers).


Her outfit is a one piece jumpsuit, a overlaying poncho, calf high heels, and a yellow beaded necklace. Her purse is a large circle bag with a dreamcatcher design.


I love the jumpsuit design which is a halter top one piece. It’s a combination of aztec print with a little monster high skull design. That’s my favorite part of the design. The poncho seems to be more of a traditional Aztec design (that I know of) and it stands out because of her blue hair, bag, and heels. Her hair is so soft, btw!!



Love the little Monster High Skull!




Yes, her feet are hooves

I can’t tell you how much I love this doll. She I think is hands down one of my favorites, maybe even more so than Abbey, Rochelle, and Robecca. I can’t wait to see how Isi is in the movie (hopefully they’ll make a movie, I think they have one already though). Abbey really spoke to me after I watched a few of the Monster High episodes on Youtube so I’m hoping Isi is the same.


2 comments on “Monster High Doll: Isi Dawndancer Review

  • “I normally have to tell my mom and aunt which dolls I don’t have so they don’t buy me dolls I already have. It’s a hassle but this is what I go though, haha.”

    I was going to say you did a good review when I found that. A hassle to tell your mother and aun what dolls you already have, so they can buy you new ones? You know what’s a hassle? Working every freaking day of your life to pay for your dolls. That’s a hassle. Having to get up early in the morning, or returning late in the night, so at the end of the month you have enough money to pay for food, home, services, and your dolls.

    That really annoyed me. If all you have to do is tell your mother and aunt what dolls you have to get them, then you’re extremely lucky. I have to wait for mine to be on lower prices because I don’t have a lot of money from my job, and if they never get on low prices, I have to skip them, no matter how much i like them.

    Think about it.


    • how you not be an asshole? I have bought plenty of my own monster high dolls with my own money from the JOBS I WORK. my mom and aunt would always buy them for me for christmas and my birthday because they knew it was something I loved. i therefore had to tell them which dolls I already had because they didn’t want to get me the same one. They buy me dolls as gifts, sometimes I ask for them and sometimes I dont. so instead of belittling me with your story about how you have to work so hard to get them (which spoiler alert I do to, i’ve even moved onto ball jointed dolls and have saved hundreds of dollars of my OWN money to get them) and your self righteous attitude, save it. I don’t appreciate comments like this.


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